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Krrish is a 2006 Indian Bollywood action film released on Jun 20, 2006. The film is directed by Rakesh Roshan, produced by Rakesh Roshan , distributed by Rakesh Roshan, music composed by Rajesh Roshan.
This is the story of a superhero named as Krrish who saves the world and the people from being into that world of distraction and harm. This film is actually the sequel of the movie Koi mil gaya. This carries forwards the legacy of father named as Rohit Mehra. This man can run from mountains and can cross across various regions. He can do the supernatural things that can be helpful. Then there comes a stage when he has to get away from his home town. Then one day, he meets with Priyanka Chopra who is actually a journalist. She comes to know about his supernatural powers. Then one day, she invites him in her city and he goes there. Then he sees that his father is caught into a situation where he cannot move neither he can experiment. But, the end is shown that how this super power boy actually saves the whole world from destruction. Check out this page for more updates on Krrish.

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