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  • Anupama Chopra


    Anupama Chopra | Film Companion

    Because Mercury finds context, and not just gimmickry, in its treatment of sound. It remains scary precisely because the actual ghosts are never seen, but only ever heard about. Just like real life.
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  • Rachit Gupta


    Rachit Gupta | Times Of India

    Prabhudheva as the entity is scary at first. But there are times when his piercing cries get a little too much and are rendered ineffective. The way how the filmmaker has tried to tie-up corporate disasters to the film’s story is commendable, but he also tries a lot to simplify the story which gets in the way of the scary parts considering the film only runs for 108 minutes. However, as thrillers go, this is one of the better ones that we have seen this year.
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  • FridayMoviez Reviewer


    FridayMoviez Reviewer | FridayMoviez

    Give it a watch if you want to experience something fresh because Mercury is worth a watch.
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  • FullyHyd Team


    FullyHyd Team | Fully Hyderabad

    At just over 100 minutes, Mercury is quite slick, and there aren’t any dull moments until the final act ruins everything and leaves a bad aftertaste. That’s just such a pity.
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  • Sreehari Nair


    Sreehari Nair | Rediff

    There’s something very pompous about the basic pitch of this movie that slowly chews away at its core..
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  • Manisha Lakhe


    Manisha Lakhe | NowRunning

    Four lads and a girl are at a school reunion and are happily partying when they accidentally run over someone. They find themselves trapped in an old abandoned factory at the mercy of a madman. The terror is doubled because the protagonists are speech and hearing impaired. It’s an interesting experiment but the loud background music fails many, many times. As does the overacting.
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  • IANS


    IANS | Sify

    Overall, to appreciate any good piece of art, one needs to ruminate to find a meaning in its composition. Despite not breaking any barriers, Mercury offers a lot to ruminate about, not in an organic manner but a forced one.
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  • Shubhra Gupta


    Shubhra Gupta | Indian Express

    Karthik Subbaraj has had fun with the undead in Pizza, and the unlovely in Jigarthanda, but this one is a much-too stretched out misguided mess, masquerading as a parable.
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