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Hindi    Nov 23, 1973 (India)

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Namak Haraam is a 1973 Indian Bollywood drama,social film released on Nov 23, 1973. The film is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, produced by Jayendra Pandya.

Somnath(Rajesh) belongs to a middle class family who lives in a shanty house in Delhi with his widowed mother and unmarried sister Sarala(Manisha). He has a best friend named Vikram Maharaj. Vikram belongs to a wealthy family. His father, Damodar Maharaj(Om Shivpuri) has a heart attack and is advised for bed rest for two months. Vikram takes the responsibility to run his dad's company and starts working. Meanwhile he has a confrontation with a senior employee and union leader, Bipinlal Pandey(A. K. Hangal) which results in a strike. His father asks Vikram to apologize to Bipinlal, which Vikram does and everything returns to normal. However Vikram could not forget the humiliation and decides to take revenge and teach Bipinlal a lesson. Sonu also helps Vicky to do so. As a result, Sonu accompanies Vikram to Calcutta and gets a job as a worker(labourer) in Vikram's mill. He becomes friendly with his fellow workers, gets some monetary relief for the injured workers amongst other benefits and gets elected as the union leader. Will they be able to take revenge and teach a lesson to Bipinlal Pandey ?

The film tells of a clash of ideologies and how the lives of two bosom friends get embroiled in it, resolving only in the death of one of them. Somu undertakes to join his friends factory as a labourer to avenge the humiliation suffered by himat the hands of the labour leader. His close touch with the working class changes his mind. He has to pay with his life for this. - Vikram is set free from the jail after 14 long years of imprisonment. He is met by Bipinlalji, the Union leader of his factory and Manisha, his fiance. Vikram comes home and enters his room and sits near the photo of Somu, hanging on wall. He starts remembering the past which flashes before him. . Vikram the only son of a multimillionaire industrialist, and Somu belonging to a lower middle class family were very intimate friends staying in Delhi. Vikram had to go to Bombay to look after the factory because his father, Jaganji, suddenly fell ill. There Vikram clashes with Vipinlal, the Unioin leader, and insulted him resulting in a strike in the factory. . Jaganji forced Vikram to apologize to Bipinlal which he did reluctantly. But he could not bear this himuliation. He went back Delhi where Somu suggested a scheme how to take a revenge from Bipinlal. They came to Bombay. Somu join the factory as an ordinary labour under the name of Chandru and after informing Vikram he himself began to stay in the "Bastee" of the workers. He began to mix with the workers and gradually started winning their hearts with the connivance of Vikram. In the next election of the union, he defeated Bipinlal and become the new union leader. As the leader of the workers, he had to work among the poor and get involved with their problems. Jaganji came to know about it. One day he came to factory and exposed Somu in front of all the labours as a close friend of his son. The labours took this news as their betrayal by Somu and severely punished him in the "Bastee". . The news reached Vikram. He rushed to Somu and asked him to leave the "Bastee" at once and accompany him. But Somu refused. Jaganji thereafter sacked Somu which resulted into a strike in the factory. Finally Jaganji himself thinks of a scheme to solve the problem. Check out this page for more updates on Namak Haraam.

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Om Shiv Puri

Om Shiv Puri

Damodar Maharaj

Durga Khote

Durga Khote

Somnath's Mother

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