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Nishaan is a 1983 Indian Bollywood drama film released on 1983. The film is directed by Surendra Mohan.
Diwan and Bhagail Singh kill Kanwar for his property. In the confusion that follows Kanwars wife Laajvanti and her sons Shankar and Ravi are separated. Shankar drifts around in search of his mother and Ravi. Ravi works for Diwan and loves his daughter Reeta. Shankar and Ravi are friends. Diwan and Bhagail Singh drive a wedge between them and have Shankar sent to jail on a false charge of theft. Shankar tries to take revenge on Ravi but he discovers that he is his brother. They turn over Diwan and Bhagail to the police. Shankar and Ravi meet their mother and there is a happy family reunion. Check out this page for more updates on Nishaan.

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