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Nishana is a 1950 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1950. The film is directed by Vajahat Mirza.
There are not many in this world who will take up the woes of others as their own and sacrifice their lives for them. Munshi Totaram was one of this select coterie. It is true he was a Veteran criminal, but then in the evening of his life he had sworn off subverisve activities His own son Kailash, however, was bent upon reviving the traditions of the parents past. In the village, Mohan, the only son of Rai Saheb and Radha, daughter of the school teacher Panditji, ahd bartered away their hearts and every moment of seperation was unbearably irksome to them. But Kailash, who had his own designs on Radha, plotted iincessantly break up their romance. In Mundaria, the village dancer he found a crafty and determined collborator, for she herself nursed a julted love for Mohan. Munshi Totaram sensed his sons villainy and it was his intiative and decisive role that unite the lovers in happy matrimony. It is nobodys business if he had to lock up his own son, while the wedding proceeded joyfully! . The marriage of Mohan and Radha, served to add fuel to the fire of Kailashs jealousy and frustrated hostility. In consipracy with Mundaria he concoted a fearful plot to wreck the lives and happiness of the wedded lovers. Mundaria poisoned Mohans heart and soul by foul accusations of duplicity against Radha. False, if plausible, evidence was laid before him, which led to his leaving the ancestral home and deserting his innocent wife. The wrathful Rai Saheb turned out Radha from his house. Mundaria grabbed this opportunity with both hands and promptly joined Mohan in his wanderings at Bombay. For once the resouceful Munshi Totaram was left completely helpless and he coul dnot stop the tragic events happening around him. Kailash played his hand adrotily andgloated triumphantly over his misdeeds. His outraged father kicked him out of his house. . At Bombay, Mundarias dancing proved a dazzling success. She made a fortune and laid it at the feet of Mohan, but the heart-broken love had no use for her money. The villanious Kailash was however not so unconrned about the sudden opulence of his former fellow conspirator. He approached Mundaria and threatened to expose her part in Radhas and Mohans ruin, unless she adequately paid for his silence. Mundaria yielded. But Munshi Toteram decided to fight it out, even the if odds were all against him. The decision cost him his life, but how glorious was his victory! [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Nishana.

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