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Hindi    Jun 01, 1979 (India)

Verdict: Timepass Movie. One time watch.


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Noorie is a 1979 Indian Bollywood drama film released on Jun 01, 1979. The film is directed by Yash Chopra, produced by Manmohan Krishna under banner named Yash Raj Films.

Noorie (Poonam Dhillon) is a sweet and simple girl who loves Yusuf Fakir Mohammad(Farooque Shaikh). Yusuf is very afraid of spesking to her father about their marriage. However, one day, Yusuf finds the courage to go and meet her father ,who agrees to their mariage. Noorie's father who is a woodcutter is a bit worried about seeing the evil people living around the village with the eye of Basheer khan (Bharat Kapoor) on his daughter. He wants the marriage to take place as soon as posible.One day Noorie's father gets killed when a tree falls on him . Noorie falls into a state of shock and is alone with her dog Khairoo, Yusuf goes out of town for some work for two days . When he returns, he finds out that Noorie is no longer alive as she has commited suicide. But Khairoo shows as if he knows what happened to her. What is it that Khairoo knows? Will Yusuf come to know about it? This is what the story deals with.

Noorie is the embodiment of a rose caressed by the virgin ray of the sun. Pure, aromatic breeze quiver in the lush green valleys whispers only one name - Noorie. . Noorie asked Yusuf, "What have you decided about yourelf ? What is your lifes choice?" Yusuf first responded to the stirrings of his soul and then listened to the stirrings of his soul and then listened to his heartbeats and replied" - Noorie is my answer". His eyes were brimming with loves playful ecstasy. . But Bashir Khan had already brgun to create obstacles in the mystique of true love. Bashir was village youth, seeped in luxury, whose fancy selected any girl as his bed partner. There was yet another tough guy in the village. His name was Paulad Khan. He too was ensnared by Noories beauty but he was powerless. He could not succeed, grieved as he was. Hence he threw in his lot with Bashir and brought grief into Loves cocoon. . Noorie was love-conscious and was even prepared to risk her life to preserve her love. Only a prince could dare to meet her in her dream and that was Yusuf. Yusuf was dear to her as her own life and Yusufs heartbeats articulated only one name - Noorie. Yusuf was a real dust particle in Bashir Khans eyes. Noorie had a protector in Ghulam Nabi her father and a dog named Khairoo, her friend. . An animal proved his loyality. He also showed his devotion to his master at every step in this tale of matchless love. How and to what extent Bashir Khan had the upper hand? Who is able to subjugate love? Who can keep the lovers apart? Fear and obstacles are meanigless of lovers. . Life, even death is sacred to them. . A poet is eloquent about love. . Oh what a mystique Love is . With a spell of Hell and Heaven cast in it. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Noorie.

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