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Noorjehan is a 1967 Indian Bollywood film released on 1967. When Akbar The great learnt that his beloved son Salim had turned a rebel he was shocked. Akbar decided to crush the rebellion and the whole nation was grieved. Emotion & Duty crossed swords. Akbars prestige - Motherss love and grandmothers affection battled with the sublime love of Salim. . Love blossomed stealthily in the lives of Salim & Mehroonisa. And as the time passed on it knew no bounds. For Salim & Mehroonisa, love was a many spledoured thing. . But the world is more curel than one can think of. And the cruel hands of courtiers created a wide gap between the lovers. . Salim was sent to get Gujerat to suppress the rebellion of Pathans. Mehroonisa was married to Sher Afghan. . But it did not end there, Sher Afghan dreamt of an Empire. Salim ruled wisely but loved madly. Sher Afghan met the fate of many over-ambitious generals. He was killed. . Mehroonisa accused Jehangir, the apostle of justice, for this ghastly deed. The appostle of justiece had to face the trail. . And the justice was done ! It was the justice of Jehangir, it was the justice of God. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Noorjehan.

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