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English    Apr 12, 2013 (USA)

Verdict: Timepass Movie. One time watch.


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Oblivion is a 2013 Hollywood action,adventure,science fiction film released on Apr 12, 2013. The film is directed by Joseph Kosinski, produced by Peter Chernin.

In the year 2070, Jack Harper
(Tom Cruise), lives in a
futuristic house above the
clouds, with his assigned
partner, Victoria/Vika
(Andrea Riseborough). They are the last people left on
Earth after it was destroyed
by aliens known as the
'Scavs', who wanted Earth's
resources. They had
destroyed the moon, which lead to a series of natural
disasters until the humans
declared war on them. In the
end, the humans won, but
had lost the Earth. The entire
human population have moved to a large spaceship
called the Tet, ready to go to
Titan, Saturn's moon. Jack
goes down onto the surface
during the day to repair the
'drones' that are able to detect and kill remaining
Scavs on Earth, while Vica
stays inside the cloud-house
to keep an eye on him, as his
co-ordinator. They get their
mission objectives each day from Sally (Melissa Leo), the
main commander from the
Tet. Jack repairs the drones in
the gridded area in what
looks like New York/
Manhattan. He repairs a No. 166 drone one day in the
Superbowl Stadium, and
reminds Vika that he
would've loved to have
watched the last game in
2017. He encounters a dog, and is able to send it away
before Drone 166 fully
recovers. He then goes on to
repair another drone, inside
the New York Public Library,
but it is revealed to be a fake, and is actually a trap
set up by the Scavs. Luckily,
the drone from earlier, 166,
saves Jack from the
encounter. Jack finds a book,
and decides to take it home. He remembers a verse inside
it about Horatius. Jack goes
back to the cloud-house for
the night again and has
dinner with Vica. She is
excited to be able to go to Titan in another two weeks,
while Jack is unsure, as he
doesn't want to leave yet. He
gives her some flowers, but
she drops it out of the house,
as she was worried that it would contain "thousands of
toxins". They later go for a
swim, and during a kiss, Jack
sees Vica as his old girlfriend,
Julia (Olga Kurylenko). He is
startled, as he was given a memory wipe before, but
occasionally he gets
flashbacks. The next day,
Jack goes back to Earth and
is told to stop a signal being
beaconed from the Empire State building. He believes it
is a job of the Scavs. He then
tells Vica that he's going on a
perimeter check, but really
he is visiting his secret house
by a lake, hidden away from view. He falls asleep by the
river, and awakes to see
objects being parachuted
down from the sky. He goes
to investigate it, and finds
that they are people in delta- sleep. Drones come, sent by
Vica, and believing that they
are Scavs, go around
shooting at the people. Jack
finds that they are from a
spaceship called the Odessy, and is able to save one last
team member before the
drone gets to it. He realises
that it is Julia, his former
girlfriend. He takes her back
up to the cloud-house, much to Vica's jealousy. Julia
awakes, and in the morning,
encourages Jack to go with
her to collect the black box
from her crashed spaceship-
she wants to know what happened. He goes with her,
without Vica knowing.
After they retrieve it, Jack is
knocked unconscious by a
Scav and is transported to
their lair. Jack awakens to find himself captured and
tied to a chair, and the Scavs
reveal themselves to be
human, not the alien species
that had invaded the Earth.
The real aliens are the ones inside the Tet, and the drones
are to kill any remaining
humans. Beech (Morgan
Freeman) asks Jack for his
help, they have a Drone that
they can use and reprogramme to kill the real
alien species, but they cannot
hack into it and Jack is a
skilled Drone engineer. Jack
refuses to start with, but
then they show that they have also taken Julia
hostage. He still hesitates, and
so Beech releases them and
tells Jack to go into the
forbidden "radiation zone" to
find out the truth, and see if it would change his mind.
Their next stop is the Empire
State buliding, where Jack
leaves a message for Vica to
let her know he's fine. On the
balcony viewing area, Julia reminds Jack of who she
really is. They were both
from the Odessy, and she is
his real wife, before he has
his memory erased. He
remembers, and they share an embrace. However, the
ship that Jack flies has a
camera, and Vica sees this.
Jack and Julia go back to the
cloud-house, and they
witness Vica sending a message to Sally claiming
that she and Jack are no
longer an "effective team".
This leads a drone to awaken
from their house and kill her,
and before it kills Jack too, Julia shoots it. They fly away
onto Earth, being chased by
three other Drones. In an
attempt to destroy them,
they fly into a lightning
storm, and into a desert. There, Jack encounters a
clone of himself (Jack 52) and
they fight, wounding Julia in
the process. Jack uses 52's
plane to go to 52's cloud-
house to collect a med-kit for Julia, and there he sees a
clone of Vica. After saving
Julia, they take refuge in the
lake-house, and later decide
to help the human resistance.
Jack helps them to reprogramme the Drone, and
using a bundle of fuel cells
instead of one, makes it a
nuclear weapon. However,
during this time, Sally has set
yet another three drones on Jack by tracing his DNA. The
drones arrive and attack all
of the humans, leaving few
survivors. Beech is also
mortally wounded, and the
reprogrammed drone is no longer functional. The fuel
cells remain intact though,
and they decide the only
way that they can kill the
aliens is by taking the fuel
cells into the Tet and blow it up. Julia realises that Sally
would like to meet her, and
decides to use this as a way
of getting into the Tet. Jack
drives his plane towards the
Tet, with Julia in delta-sleep in the back. On the way, he
listens to the black box that
they had recovered from the
Odessy, and it is revealed
that Jack was once the pilot
of the Odessy, Vica the co- pilot and Julia one of the
members of the crew. They
were told to check out the
Tet by the real Sally, a NASA
coordinator, to see if it
exposed a threat to Earth sixty years ago. On the way,
the Odessy began to
accelerate towards the Tet
and in order to keep Julia
safe, Jack released the back
shuttle, leaving only him and Vica heading towards the
Tet. Jack, now at the Tet,
enters it and finds millions of
clones of himself and Vica.
Sally is also only a large
floating tri

A veteran soldier is sent to a distant planet, where he has to destroy the remains of an alien race.

The arrival of an unexpected traveller causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission, and himself.

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