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  • Renuka Vyavahare


    Renuka Vyavahare | Times of India

    If you find mirrors spooky, stay away. And if you love to check yourself out in the mirror, this low-budget thriller will compel you to think otherwise.
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  • Shalini Langer


    Shalini Langer | Indian Express

    Oculus’s success as a horror thriller lies in how well it keeps its characters and consequently the audience on their toes. It raises the questions that matter without letting you feel settled about any of the answers it offers.
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  • Tushar Joshi


    Tushar Joshi | DNA

    Smart and intelligently written, Oculus raises the right scares to keep you on the edge of your seat.
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  • Mihir Fadnavis


    Mihir Fadnavis | Mid Day

    Whether you’re a horror buff or not, you should seriously consider watching Oculus on the big screen. It’s a really fun film with a lot of aural and visual style, and that means all the aesthetics, and not just Karen Gillan.
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  • Troy Ribeiro


    Troy Ribeiro | NowRunning

    “Oculus” is a well-crafted small budget film that delivers. While the visuals have a poetic quality at first, they gradually get frequent and the film’s tension between objective and apparent realities loses some of its power. Nevertheless, the film stays focused to its emotional quotient.
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  • Paloma Sharma


    Paloma Sharma | Rediff

    Oculus is a story that has its fair share of goosebump-inducing moments but it would have been told better if it were cut short.
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  • Saumya Sharma


    Saumya Sharma | BookMyShow

    Semi-scary, watch it if films of the genre strike a chord in your heart. The scare affair could have fared a lot better had it been for the less-than obvious, never-seen-before kind of story.
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