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On Duty 24 Taas is a 2010 Indian Marathi comedy,drama film released on Dec 24, 2010. The film is directed by Kedar Shinde, produced by Pankaj Shah , music composed by Pankaj - Pushkar.

On Duty 24 Taas Marathi Movie has released all over Maharashtra on 24th December 2010. Directed by one of the best known directors of Marathi Cinema, On Duty Marathi Movie is set on the aftermath of 26/11, a night that enfolds terror and loopholes of Maharashtra Police Squad. According to the movie plot, Maharashtra Government creates a new Anti-Terrorist Squad which is headed by one of the brave officers, Karan Bedi (Dr. Amol Kolhe). Karan bedi on the other hand, forms his own team by selecting suspended officers. The twist in the movie plot comes with the entrance of a terrorist in the police station, taking every officer as hostage. What happens next is a hilarious drama which reveals, that finally police are just normal human beings and can act in the same ma.

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