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Paap Punya is a 1987 Indian Bengali drama,romance film released on 1987. The film is directed by Rajat Das.

Sukhen Das is undisputedly the Guru Dutt of Bengali Films though he was never in that league and as a film maker too he has never made a film of any other genre other than tremendious melodramatic films where melodrama combined with pathos is at its sublime peak. Other key elements like aelon, humour are rarely seen in his films. Paap Punya is one such effort where he plays the part of a man who is convicted on the charges of murdering his son and sent to the jail. The movie begins with a courtroom scene which Chiranjit, the policeman overseeing the case. He speaks on Monglu's (Sukhen Das) behalf when the judge asks him to give his views on the case. Even Mr. Choudhary (Swarup Dutta). Monglu's employer comes forward to defend him and the film then goes into a flashback where Monglu is shown to be the most loyal servant of Mr. Choudhary. Mr. Choudhury's wife gives birth to a stillborn child and it is Monglu, the forever loyal servant of Mr. Choudhury who comes forward to give his own child ( born at the same time to his wife) to Mrs. Choudhury without informing his wife so that Mr. Choudhury can bring up his child as his own and the child can get a decent life. Mr. Dutta (Biplab Chatterjee), the evil business associates of Mr. Choudhury comes forward to give his child (also borrn simultanously!) to Mr. Choudhury to give the child to Monglu, but in reality the child is a result of his own misdeed and he wants to get rid of the child for that reason. Years pass by and Monglu's son grows up to be David (Tapas Pal) who is a simpleton just like his father and also a coolie and Mr. Choudhury's son Rakesh (Soumitra Benerjee) inherits all the bad qualities of his actual father Mr. Dutta. Rakesh is engaged with the illegal businessman Mr. Dutta and Mr. Dutta turns Rakesh against his adoptive father. As a result he always misltreats his parents who never tell him anything. David falls in love with Shymali , who is supposed to get married to Rakesh but her father is against the alliance. There are a few plots and sub plots in between as a result of which complications arise. Towards the end there is a climactic scene when Rakesh is about to kill David, but his actual father Monglu comes forward and finishes him off or else Rakesh would have killed everyone else. Monglu is convicted for 5 years on the charges of killing his son and he is taken to jail in chains. This is excessive melodrama , a typical feature of Sukhen Das's films. Chiranjit is completely wasted as a policeman in charge of the case as any lesser actor could have played this role. Sukhen Das looks wooden. Indrani Dutta has a too small role.

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