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Pagla Kahin Ka is a 1970 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1970. The film is directed by Shakti Samanta, produced by Ajit Chakraborty.

The movie is based on a triangular love story and friendship. Sujit (Shammi Kapoor), Shyam (Prem Chopra) and Jenny (Helen) work together in an orchestra, Jenny as a dancer, Sujit as a singer and Shyam at a playing an instrument. They work in a hotel under their boss Max. Shyam intially found Jenny and convinced her to join their group. But Sujit stole away Jenny's heart. Shyam and Sujit, were best friends. Soon Sujit and Jenny were about to get married, but Max ( boss) didn't like this since this could affect his business. One day Max was fighting with Sujit over this topic and accidentally Shyam murdered Max in order to save Sujit. But Sujit for the sake of friendship took the blame on himself. But later started behaving like a mental patient in order to escape from imprisonment. The court summons Sujit to a mental hospital for treatment . There he was treated by doctor Shalini (Asha parekh). She soon gets to know that Sujit is faking his illness, but Sujit convinces her of not being guilty by disclosing his truth and love. Within a few days he is discharged from the hospital. In the meantime, Shyam rapes Jenny and forces her to marry him. Sujit unaware about Jenny's condition is shocked to see Shyam and Jenny married. He goes through mental trauma and results in him becoming a real mental patient. He also loses his memory. He is again sent to the mental hospital under Dr. Shalini. Dr. Shalini uses both medical and an emotional touch to heal Sujit, she also proves Shyam as guilty in front of Sujit, in doing this process she started liking Sujit and even Sujit falls in love with her.

People thought he was crazy but he was a remarkable person, much above the ordinary human beings..... He worshipped Love and Friendship And to honour friendship he took the blame of murder on his head, went to the lunatic asylum.....as a lunatic, even though he was sane.... . When he returns, he finds that he has lost both his frined as well as his love for ever.....His friend and his beloved were married together . His faith was shattered. The shock was unbearable and he was sent back to the lunatic asylum. This time really mad. . A dangerous, violent lunatic who refuses to believe that either his friend or believe that either his frined or his belived could be so unfaithful....He was given up as a hopless case, with no chance of recovery. Except the determined effort of a lady docotr, who knows the depth of his heart, realize his tragedy and feels his pain, as her own. Check out this page for more updates on Pagla Kahin Ka.

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