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Pahadi Kanya is a 1936 Indian Bollywood action film released on Jan 01, 1936. The film is directed by H. Mehta.
PAHADI KANYA is a story of the Mountains.....It opens with BIJAL BAPOO the headman of the Bhils, admonishing his followers to live upto the reputaiton of avenging themselves on their enemies. Just at that moment comes UJLI complaining that NAHARSINGH, the dacoit, has kidnapped her daughter MAYA as well as her husband. She swears, in the presence of a large gathering, to avenge herself. . FIFTEEN YEARS LATER BIJLI (otherwise baby MAYA) is a beautiful young woman now living with Naharshingh, who is constantly pestering her with his love advances. . Now let us turn to the other side of the life of this dacoit Nahasingh His sceond impersonation is that of the ageold DADOOJI, who has a kind heart and tons of money. He is a devout Bhil Chief and is the guardian of his deceased friend ASHA SHAHS two children Leeloo and Rajoo. . Once the Brave LEELOO is seen falling from borse-back by Sardar HAMAIR the new Risaldar of the Bhil Frontier, who resues her and scolds her for roaming on the outskirts alone. Just then the news is received that the dacoits have attacked the villagers. Hamir rushes forward followed by Leeloo who shows her true mettle by fighting with the dacoits and saving the life of Hamir, who is now very much attrached towards the MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS. . Naharshing finds that it is impossible for him to make Leeloo his wife until RAJOO (Leeloos brother) lives. Once he takes advatage of the quarrel between Hamir and Rajoo and, when the two are fighting a duel, he stabs Rajoo from behind. . Leeloo sewars before her dying brother to avenge his death and sets out in search of the killer, who is supposed to be a Risaldar, to the chagrin of Dadooji(alias Naharsingh) who poisons the ears of Bijal Bapoo that Leeloo, a Bhillan, has forgotten her duty and fallen in love with a Risaldar. Leeloo, on the other hand, actually falls in love with Hamir but cannot accept his love and dare not tell him the reason for it. On returinig, she exhanges very hot words with Bijal Bapoo and Dadooji on the subject of love and duty, actually exposing the latter as slave of his passions Dadooji finds his plans frustrated and, fox-like, changes his tactics. He arranges Leeloos marriage with Hamir and then accuses Hamir of being the murderer of Rajoo and forces Leeloo in the presence of the clans to avenge his brothers death by killing her husband on her wedding night. . In between these exciting incudents of the story, there runs and under current of romance between Bijli and Waghji, friend of Rajoo and an officer under the charge of Hamir. . Waghji comes across the mother of Bijli and succeeds in taking her to the secret abode, where the long lost mother and daughter are happily united. . The day of reckoning is nigh. Naharsingh is trying to force Bijli to accept his love. He finds himself exposed before her as Dadooji but he manages to ecsape form his secret entrance. . Leeloo comes to the bed-room of HAmir with the intention of killing him but finds her courage failing. . Dadooji, coming up suddenly, snatches the revolver from her hand and goes to kill Hamir. Check out this page for more updates on Pahadi Kanya.

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