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Paisa Ya Pyaar is a 1969 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1969. The film is directed by Jawar Sitaram, produced by A. Veerappan under banner named Gemini, music composed by Ravi.

This movie is all about how a rich lady Lakshmi Devi (Shashikala) is blinded by her love for money is forced to realise that love is more important than money and that money cannot buy love from her own children and husband, that is Shanti (Mala Sinha), Deepak (Sharad Kumar) and Mohanlal (Ashok Kumar) respectively. She is persuaded by Mohanlal to accept their daughter's choice of an artist Shekhar (Biswajeet) as her husband, who turns out to be their Lakshmi Match factory's chowkidar, Shankarlal's son. Though poor they are a cultured, self respecting and dignified family. Lakshmidevi's son (Deepak) loves a 'Ber" fruit seller. In order to show her the real values in life, Dhanno (Tanuja) is introduced to her as a wealthy girl from Singapore. Shanti misunderstands her mother and leaves her home with Shekhar, thinking her mother tried to poison Shekhar's milk, who was saved by his dog. Dhanno lends her home to them as a shelter. Shekhar starts earning money for his paintings. Lakshmi finds her daughter and is reunited with her daughter, after clearing the misunderstanding of poisoning. She finally realises love is above all and above money.

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