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Pakshiraj is a 1959 Indian Bollywood musical film released on 1959. The film is directed by S. N. Tripathi.
When evil overflows and sweeps over the world like a devastating flood God in His infinite mercy takes Avataars and rstores Virtue back on her throne, and peace and happiness reign in the three worlds again. . This is the whole story idea of MATSYAVATAAR presented in Pakshiraj. . Shankhasur the cruel Demon-king things he is the equal of God and commits atrocities on god and man and gets badly defeated by Bhagwan Vishnoo in Virrat Roop. . At the advice of his high soirited daughter Vibhuti he does severe penance to Bahagwan Shiva and obtains the boon of invincibilty. . Indra and the other gods rush to Bhagwan Vishnoo for proteciton, only to be told by Pakshiraj that Bhagwan has gone inot Yogadiddra and will wake up after four months. . Shankhasur steals the Vedas and kidnaps Jagatmata Lakshmi and imprisons. Her in his domain. He tries to force his attentions upon Her but fails miserably to shake Mahasati Lakshmi from the path of virtue. Enraged, he sets hissing serpents upon Her, when Pakshiraj descends, kills the snakes, and wounds Shankhasur so that he faints. . Under dramatic circumstances Shankhasurs daughter Vibhuti meets Indras son Jayant and love at first sight ensues. He knows who she is but she does not know that he is the son of her fathers bitter enemy. Vibhuti, though born of Rakshasa is s Sati Kannya full of virtue fear of God, and love of Justice. When she learns that her father has kidnapped and imprisoned Malakshmi she stands upto him and stands by Jayant in his attempt to rescu MaLakshmi. Both are captured and Shankhasur ordrs Jayan to be stoned to death before the very eyes of Vibhutis fervent appeal to God and Ma Lakshmi save Jayant and they both repair to Indraloke. . When their marriage is being performed, Pakshiraj descends and sounds the warining that while the gods are marrymaking, Shankhasur is preparing to march out to conpuer the three worlds. Indra also orders march of the divine armies, when Vibhuti requests him to stay his hand and herself comes down and requests her father to desist from the disastrous war. She is insulted and imprisoned by the furious Shankhasur. . Shankhasur marches forward and is first met by Raja Satyavrat whom he captures and whose son Devavrat, a tender child he kills. . The armies of Indra and Shankhasur meet. Kaushik the rejected lover of Vibhuti kills his successful rival Jayant by treachery. Shankhasur defeats and captures Indra and the other gods. . Shankhasur chases Ma Lakshimi, trying to force his will upod HER. SHE runs away crying to Bhagwan Vishnoo for help. . Kaushik puts Jayantis body on the burning pyre, and Vibhuti appeals to bhagwan Vishoo backed by the power of her Satpan. . The mother of Devavrat tearas of the listeners with her heartrending appeals to God for her dead son..... . Pakshiraj in trying to save Ma Lakshmi burns his wings fatally wiht the fierce rays of the sun, and prays to bhagwan Vishnoo. Check out this page for more updates on Pakshiraj.

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