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Palatak is a 1963 Indian Bengali drama,family,musical film released on 1963. The film is directed by Yatrik.

Basanta Chatterjee, is the younger brother of a rich zamindar Hemanta Chatterjee. Hemanta is known by his nick name Angti. Angti & his wife, a childless couple, loves Basanta as their own off-spring. Basanta, a good singer & musician also is a borne traveller. Often he escapes from his house & travels a lot. In that period, he comes close to an unknown man, new cummunities ?. Once,he escapes as usual & gets fever. He comes in a Kabiraj's (doctor's) house, & discovers that the room is filled with the village men. All of them including the Kabiraj are doing rehearsal for a drama. His passion for music stops him there & he meets with Harimoti, the beautiful dark daughter of Kabiraj Mashai. Basanta is proud of his identification as the younger brother of Angti Chatterjee. He first tries to ignore the girl but then realises his love for Harimoti. On the other side, it was the love at first sight for Harimoti who cooks for him & likes his escaping & slightly childish nature. Soon there arrives a 'jhumur' team,a dancer girls make a storm in the cool village atmosphere. Their leading lady Golap attracts Basanta by her voice & dancing ability. Basanta starts to stay with them but finally he refuses to marry Golap because he sees her as his dead mother. He marries Harimoti, & returns to his house . Angti & his wife welcome them wholeheartedly & tries to settle Basanta down. Basanta, soon escapes leaving his wife. Harimoti comes to know that she is pregnant, she starts waiting for his child & husband. Basanta first comes to city & takes shelter in a motor garage, where he first realises what's the love-bond from a mute little girl who has got lost from her parents. Her parents come soon & bring her back home.Basanta, with a broken heart, meets with the jhumur team again by fater ? & comes to know that Golap is now married, a mother. Basanta sees blood from his mouth & realises death is waiting for him. He remembers his wife, her pain, soon he becomes senseless. Maina, who is now a leading dancer, nurses him & loves him also. They come to a zamindar's house where they are invited to a male babys 'annaprasan' celebration. Basanta wakes up in their cart & realises it is his own & the baby is his own baby. He comes to the baby & takes him in hand & sees his wife's photograph with garland. She is dead ! Basanta escapes again. All the people search for him. He sleeps in a floating boat, & dies in the middle of the river.

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