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Palatak is a 2012 Indian Bengali drama, family film released on Jul 27, 2012. The film is directed by Nehal Dutta, produced by Ramesh Chand Singhal , music composed by Sajal Mukherjee.

Palatak' or the 'Runaway’ is about Nilkanto who goes through a traumatic childhood. His mother runs away with someone and his father becomes stoical. He runs away from his tyrannical uncle and aunt and joins a Yatra group where he soon becomes the centre of attraction with his performances. The daughter of the Yatra even falls in love with him, but he runs away. He lands up in Ishanpur and comes across Srinath and his wife who start treating him as his own child. He starts registering dead bodies at a crematorium. Moti, Srinath’s daughter loves him and vice versa but again he wants to run away from everyone , including himself. Fate finally brings him in front of his father when his father expires. Again he goes and joins the Yatra Group, but this time he has Moti with him. He is no longer on the run.

Palatak' or the 'Runaway
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