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Panchashar is a 1968 Indian Bengali drama film released on 1968. The film is directed by Arup Guhathakurta.

The story start when Paresh Chandra Dutta returns from Kolkata after completing his studies. He had an abiding interest in writing poems and novels for till date none of his work had been published. His father Tinkari Dutta wants him to look after his shop and denounced his literary ambitions. Hurt, Paresh decides to take up his shop and denounce his liberary ambitions. Hurt, Paresh decides to take up his father's profession of shop-keeping. One day at a tea shop, Paresh's friend points out to a lady named Atasi Biswas. Later Atasi visits Paresh's shop to repair a gramaphone and that is the first time they talk. Gradually a friendship develops between Atasi and Paresh .Paresh learns that Atasi is not characterless, but it is her vivaciousness which people consider unnatural for women. Abhilash Chawdhary the elder 3 brothers of Atasi's friend Protima, arrives from Patna for a short holiday. Protima's eldest brother Mr. Chawdhary and its wife Protima's sister-in-law are looking to get Abhilasha married. Meaning while Atasi grows a fondness for Abhilash, leaves for patna. When he sends the photograph of a picnic they had enjoyed during the holiday,a long with a letter laying bare her emotions. Paresh's friends, who used to work in post office, steals away Atasi's letter before posting and shows it to Paresh. Paresh is heart-broken to learn about Atasi's emotion for Abhilasha he asks friend to post the letter back. Abhilasha, however was not at all prepared for this, replies back saying Atasi should not proceed with her thoughts any further as it was not possible for him to reciprocate her feelings. Even this letter is stolen by parent's friend. Paresh decide to replace Abhilash's letter, as he thinks that the letter is certianly going to hurt feeling which he, Paresh could not let happen he writes as Abhilash is also swept by romantic thoughts for Atasi. The impression by Paresh continues while Atasi remains under a wrong inpression. Later Abhilash comes to visit his home town once again and Atasi's father goes to visit him. When they converse, the entire matter becomes clear. Abhilash denies ever having written any romantic letters. Atasi overhears also and realised that someone has been replacing his letter. Atasi overheards this discussion and is crestfallen later when he compares the handwriting in the letter to the message written within the front covers of a book of poems gifted to her by Paresh. Subsequently she attempts sucide. But Paresh comes and stop her. He confesses his emotion for Atasi and tells her why he has been writing the letter so far. Finally they start a new relationship.

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