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English    Oct 24, 2012 (USA)

Verdict: Timepass Movie. One time watch.


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Paranormal Activity 4 is a 2012 Hollywood film released on Oct 24, 2012. The film is directed by Henry Joost, produced by Jason Blum.

Paranormal Activity 4: Katie and Hunter have dissappeared and it has been 5 years since their disappearance. A suburban family witnesses strange events in their neighbourhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in. A series of dangerous events follow.

The fourth installment of the bone-chilling series, Paranormal Activity 4 begins in October 2006 in Carlsbad, California as a family deals with being terrorized by a supernatural presence in their home. This time around Katie and Hunter are nowhere to be found.
Fast forward to November 2011 in Henderson, Nevada. A suburban family takes in a little boy named Robbie who lives across the street when something strange happens in his house. Shortly after, frightening things begin to happen.
A chandelier inexplicably crashes to the floor in the middle of the night. Robby gets out of his bed when everyone is asleep and seems to be talking to someone, but when asked who, he denies it. Teenagers Alice and Alex try to investigate, especially when a strange symbol shows up, but their parents refuse to believe that there's a presence in the house.

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Reviews for Paranormal Activity 4

Andy Webster (NYTNS)


Andy Webster (NYTNS)The Telegraph

The latest Paranormal Activity, No. 4, is unlikely to attract new viewers to this horror series; by now you’ve signed on or not. But there are reasons these movies persist, main..

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Daniel Pinto


Daniel PintoDNA India

Paranormal Activity must be the only horror franchise that, with every instalment, gets relatively better. The advancement in technology used in the recording of the said activity..

full review
Shalini Langer


Shalini LangerIndian Express

THE reason Paranormal Activity continues to be a successful franchise is how well it blends it with the "normal". Here again, great care is taken to ensure that the story of Katie..

full review
Shalini Langer


Shalini LangerScreen

THE reason Paranormal Activity continues to be a successful franchise is how well it blends it with the "normal". Here again, great care is taken to ensure that the story of Katie..

full review
Parvathy Nayar


Parvathy NayarThe Hindu

When Paranormal Activity 4 (PA4) opens, five years would have elapsed since a possessed Katie Featherston went on a killing spree and abducted her nephew Hunter. Perhaps I should ..

full review
Renuka Vyavahare


Renuka VyavahareTimes of India

After the first film came out in 2007, the sequels have been nothing but remakes of the original with diminishing scary moments. The first and even second installment worked as a ..

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