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Parchhain is a 1952 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1952. The film is directed by V. Shantaram.

Deepak is a frustrated boat man who was about to suicide when he was pulled back by his shadow/Antaratma, which explains to him, the importance of life. While coming back he is hit by a bullet from Chhoti Rani, Saloni (Jayashree) who was on a hunting trip along with her friend Chunni, but by the time they reach him, Deepak loses his eyesight. Chhoti Rani takes Deepak to her haveli for treatment. Chhoti Rani lives in that haveli with Badi Rani (Lalita Pawar) who returns from Ram Tekri after undergoing eye treatment. Even Badi Rani allows Deepak to stay, so that he can undergo the treatment. Slowly, Chhoti Rani and Deepak grow close which the Badi Rani doesn't like. So she arranges Chhoti Rani's marriage with Chunni's brother Vinod who is equal in status and likes Chhoti Rani. Badi Rani then asks one of her servants, Kishori, who has a similar voice to that of the Chhoti Rani, to take Deepak to Ram Tekri for treatment. As Deepak goes for Ram Tekri, the Badi Rani forces Chhoti Rani to get engaged to Vinod. During the ceremony, Chhoti Rani collapses and is then battling for her life. This makes the Badi Rani feel guilty and she asks God for Choti Rani's survival. Then afterwards the Badi Rani dies and Chhoti Rani survives. In Ram Tekri, Kishori started liking Deepak. She presents herself as Choti Rani when Deepak regains his vision. Chhoti Rani leaves the haveli for Ram Tekri to meet Deepak but she is followed by Vinod who tried to rape her, but in the process both lose their life. On the other hand, Kishori's impersonation is caught by Deepak. Deepak then starts searching for Chhoti Rani he is unable to find her for many days, but finally he is guided to the spot where she died along with Vinod. Deepak converts that spot into a samadhi and lights a 'diya' there till his old age in remembrance of Chhoti Rani.

Man is not born alone in this world; with him his conscience is also born which accompanies him at all times like a shadow. . Deepak was the glowing light of an aristocrat family, but he was crushed mercilessly by MISFORTUNE. Disgusted with the disappointments in life, he decides to take away his life, but the voice of his conscience stops him from doing so and avers " IN PEACE AND LUXURY ANY ONE CAN LIVE A LIFE, but TO LIVE AMIDST UNSURMOUNTABLE MISERY AND HARDSHIPS ALONE IS REAL LIVING". This gives a new spirit and zeal to Deepak and he girds his lions ready to face the untold battles of life . As he is walking, he hears a bullet shot and in trying to escape the bullet, he tumbles down, wounded and unconscious. Chhoti Rani Saloni, daughter of late Zamindar Raja Ganpatrao was hunting nearby. She comes to the rescue of Deepak and takes him to her Palace. Meanwhile, Badi Rani, mother of Saloni, who had gone to Ramtekri for eye treatment comes home along with Kishori, daughter of Salonis foster mother. Badi Rani feels sorry for the sad incident on Deepak and does everything to get the best medical treatment for him. The wounds at last were healed, but alas, it costed Deepak his eye sight. . Inspite of this, Deepak does not want to be a burden on others. The self respect and independent spirit in him induce him to go away from this Palace of luxuries, but Badi Rani forces him to stay on. And thus Deepak continues to stay in the luxurious Palace and as days rolled on he falls head over heels in love with Saloni through never once could he see her with his eyes, heing blind. . Salonis girl friend Chunni is celebrating her birthday which Saloni attends with Deepak. Chunnis brother Vinod, who has all along been loving Saloni, gets too much excited to see his lady-love int the company of another young man. Subsequently Salonis love towords Deepak no more remains a secret. The news reaches the ears of self-respecting Badi Rani, who in order to keep up the high respect, tradition and honour of her family decides to bring about a separation between the lovers. She broods deeply to find out ways to bring about this seperation and ultimately decides to send Deepak to Ramtekri as though to cure his eyes. But Deepak refuses to move away without Saloni. Badi Rani falls into a fix what to do. She instantly remembers the similarity of Kishoris voice to that of Saloni. She decides therefore to send Kishori along with Deepak saying that she is none else than Saloni. Poor blind Deep believes and agrees to go. Saloni, in the meanwhile takes a promise from Kishori " You must tell Deepak, as soon as he ragains his eye-sight, that you are Kishori and not Saloni". Kishori gives her the prormise and party leaves for Ramtekri. . The sorrow of seperation draws Saloni into the Sick-bed. After some days Deepak regains eye-sight and with wide glittering eyes he sees Kishori who falls in love with him. Kishori tries in every possible way to convince him that she is Saloni. What happens then? Do the seperated lovers ever meet? In a stunning climax the SCREEN will reveal to you and also dignify the truth of life itself. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Parchhain.

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