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Pardesi is a 1941 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1941. The film is directed by Chaturbhuj Doshi, produced by Chandulal J. Shah under banner named Ranjit Studios.
A MINUTES nightmare-or say two and the great ccity-with its fashinable houses and military ramparts tumbled down into a vast heap of ruins. So many men were buried in the debris. Of one of those is this tale-a human tale of a sisters love and a brggars love-a moving tale of faith against denials and of sacrifice against passionate desire. . It all began when that cosy little bungalow collapsed on the head of a found little sister, busy planning her pleasures and enjoyment at teh forthcoming marriage of her elder brother Premnath. . Over these hopes to be realised and joys to come, the tragedy in the bowels of mother Earth laughed in derision. . The dazed and stupified girl was dug out of the debris. She cried for her brother, but her brother could not soothe her as he was somewhere deep, deep in the ruins and his memory was the only thing Mala would have of her brother. Mala left alone in this world, had to find a home somewhere and Nila was tied to Mala in the bond of common misfortune;-both these girls stayed together. . Hopes of Shantibabu the artist had begun to flower. He loved Nila, but had the good sense to realise that with Nilas great love for Premnath he was not in the running. But now Premnath was no more and Nila was likely to accept him on the rebound of her sorrow. He began to try to make Nila bear up her loss bravely if not forget it altogether. . Shantibabu was artist. He painted a portait of a typical beggar. He invited Nila to the studio to see this portrait and with Nila came Mala. . It was the portrait of a beggar. Mala saw the portait, stared at it like a girl, dizzy with surpirse and then she shouted like an exploding bomb: This is my brother-show me where he is! . In vain, Shantibabu assured Mala that this was the insisted on seeing the beggar; so Shantibabu took Mala and Nila to him. He was one Mohan. He lived with Mira-a street singer. Mala, to the surpries of Nila accosted him straightforward as her brother. But Nila did not find in him anything that reminded her of Premnath. Mohan did not find anything in Mala reminding him of his sister, for the simple reason that he had no sister, and thus they parted to the satisfaction of all but Mala. . It was then decided that Mala evidently suffering from hallucinations and so she was placed in the hands of a competent Brain Specialist. Mala was there after detained in the private nursing home maintained by the saidspecialist for his patients. She ran away from the home at the dcad of the night and went straight away to Mira, the beggar woman Mira hid her so well, that search parties sent out by the specialist as well as Nila failed to fing her. Mohan of course would have none of her! This package of trouble would be more than a hadful! Was his frank opinion. But Mira carried the day. Mohan, Mira and Mala pass happy days together. . One day Mala was able to convince Mira that Mohan was Premnath. She consulted a brain specialist who diagnosed the case as that of the loss of memory through shock, and advised a surgical operation that would cost money. Money was the last hting in that beggars cottage. So she placed her handicap before Budhawa, a fellow beggar who had his own visions before Mohan came. . Budhwa rose to the occasion and so did the other neighbours. By dint of hard begging, hard tramping and hard savings, the doctors dues were collected, and a successful operation was performed. Premnath with all the recollections that belonged to Premanath. Mira was forgotten, Mala had resurrected her brother-and two persons were to pay the price. Shantibabu was to lose Nila and Mira was to lose Mohan. Check out this page for more updates on Pardesi.

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