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Parichay is a 1972 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1972. The film is directed by Gulzar, produced by V. K. Sobti under banner named Tirupati Pictures.

Parichay is the story of Rai Saheb (Pran) who is strict disciplinarian. Although, he does appear to be tough from the exterior, he is a soft person inside. His son Nilesh (Sanjeev Kumar) gets married against his wishes, thus enraging Rai Saheb. Rai Saheb then asks Nilesh to start a new life with his wife on his own. For this, Rai Saheb is also willing to offer help to his son, who refuses, Nilesh has five children, the eldest being Rama (Jaya Bhaduri) The family leads a hand to mouth existence. Nilesh's wife dies and he also has blood cancer. In desperation, worried about what will happen to his children after him, Nilesh writes to his father. By the time, Rai Saheb receives the letter and visits his son, Nilesh is no more. Rai Saheb then decides to take the children with him, over to his place. The children are in no mood to study and also hate their grandfather. Rai Saheb tries to hire a number of tutors for the children, but their mischievious pranks somehow send the tutors packing. This is when, Ravi (Jeetendra) an unemployed youth, is offered the teachers job. He takes it up, only to find that the kids are always upto some prank or the other. Ravi manages to win over the love of the children, and also falls in love with Rama. Does Raisaheeb accept this relationship? Do the kids come close to Rai Saheb? This is what Parichay is all about.

With proper handling, sympathetic understanding and love, how the wayward obstinate, alienated children are brought round by a private tutor, who takes the stop-gap job in a rich mans house ruled by the rod. - Five devilishly naughty children : Rama (Jaya Bhaduri), Ajay (Ravi), Vijay (Kishore), Meeta (Pinky) and Sanju (Rajoo)...ony tyrannical grandfather Rai Saheb (Pran) and one nasty old woman namde Sati Devi (Veena) the Rai Sahebs sister. . This aristocractic old household is divided into two camps-children vs old folks!. . Rai Saheb and Sati Devi fail in every effort to tame these children. They just cannot, Tutor after tutor is engaged - and they run away from this house out of sheer fear of the tricks which these kids play on them! . "Parichay" is the story of one tutor Ravi (Jeetendra) whom these children cannot scare away. It is the story of this understanding and affectionate man who perceives that what these obstinate and adamant children need is not discline and harshness -but love and affection. It is the story of one man who brings back the lost laughter to told Ravi Sahebs lips, and who restores the bond of love and understanding between the grandfather and his five fascinating grandchildren. . To Ravi, sweet Rama is the most fascinating of these five. In no time at all the golden bud of love blossoms in their two young hearts, but life in the city, from where Ravi has come, beckons him back, in the shape of a very fine job for which he had been trying and which he now gets. Ravis only regret is that he has to leave Rama and go, and that he cannot wait until Rai Sahebs return. . Old Rai Saheb returns to a household turned topsy-turvy! Angered for the moment, he is now amazed at the wondrous change which Ravi has effected in these children. Not only do they study obediently now, now, but they have also begun to like him! . In the city Ravi misses Rama very much. His friend knowing of his love, ultimately convinces Ravi that he must go back and ask the Rai Saheb for Ramas hand in marriage. . So he comes. And he meets Rai Saheb. And he hears from Rai Sahebs lips of his intention to get Rama engaged to the son of a wealthy friend of his. "Go inside and meet the kids", the old man tells Ravi, unaware of the emotional storm he has stripped up in the young mnas heart by his words. . Rvi gets up. Instead of going inside, he goes away... [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Parichay.

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