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Parineeta is a 1953 Indian Bollywood social, romance, family drama film released on Jan 02, 1953. The film is directed by Bimal Roy, produced by Ashok Kumar under banner named Ashok Kumar Productions.

This film is about families who are neighbours and are strongly connected with each other. Gurcharan Babu (Nasir Hussain) who is very poor, is in deep debt. He has taken a loan from his neighbour Nabin Roy (Badri Prasad). Nabin Roy's son, Shekhar (Ashok Kumar) and Gurcharan's niece Lalita (Meena Kumari) love each other, but secretly. Charu, Lalita's childhood friend, is another neighbour. One day, Girin Babu (Asit Baran) who is Charu's uncle, comes to visit their house. Girin Babu then starts liking Lalita. He visits their house often and learns that Gurcharan Babu is in deep debt and then he decides to help them out. He gives a loan to Gurcharan Babu without charging him any interest. After some days Gurcharan Babu proposes Lalita's hand in marriage to Girin Babu. Almost everything is fixed, however, Lalita and Shekhar are hurt. On the other hand, Nabin Roy was hoping that Gurcharan Babu would be unable to pay his debt and then we would be able to confiscate their ancestral house, as that was mortgagaed against the loan. When Gurcharan Babu repays the loan, Nabin Roy loses his temper and there is a big fight between him and Gurcharan Babu. This divides the two families. Will this misunderstanding be resolved? Will Shekher and Lalita be reunited again. Watch this film based on subtle emotions, directed by none other than Bimal Roy.

In Calcutta, at the turn of the century, Shekhar (A. Kumar), the son of rich businessman Nabin Rai (Prasad), loves and secretly marries his poor neighbour Lalita (Kumari), the niece of Gurucharan Babu (Hussain) Despite the long friendship between the two families, things deteriorate fast when Nabin Rai insists on Gurucharan Babu repaying an old loan. Gurucharan Babu wants to raise the money by marrying off Lalita. Shekhar misunderstands Lalitas silence as meaning she acquiseces in this scheme. However, she turns down an old benefactor of the family, Girin Babu (Baran). She admits to being aleady married and even though she refuses to reveal her husbands name, vows to remain faithful to him all her life. Shekhar recognises her sacrifice just in time to cancel a wedding he arranged out of resentment and he publicly acknowledges his relationship with Lalita. The film rehearse some of the period effects through costume, architecture and lighting of turn-of-the-century Calcutta, later associated with Rays Charulata (1964). Check out this page for more updates on Parineeta.

Cast & Crew

Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar

Shekhar Rai

Nazir Hussain

Nazir Hussain

Gurcharan Babu

Badri Prasad

Badri Prasad

Nabin Rai

Pratima Devi

Pratima Devi

Shekhar's Aunt

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