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Parwana is a 1947 Indian Bollywood family drama, social film released on Jan 01, 1947. The film is directed by J. K. Nanda.

Inder comes from an affluent family and is deeply concerened with the miseries of the poor and the downtrodden of India. Inder has three younger brothers but he loves the poor Muslim girl Sakina and treats her as his own sister. Though Sakina's father is a blind beggar, Inder visits her pavilion everyday and supports the father-daughter duo. Inder marries the ravishing Rupa. When Sakina falls severely ill and Inder brings her home for treatment, Rupa misunderstands Sakina and her aunt as the illegitimate relations of Inder and after insulting them expels them from the house. Inder is shocked at this and falls sick. Sakina expires without treatment and care. Rupa ultimately realizes the blunder. But Inder goes into a deep trauma after his sister's death. Thereafter the couple moves to a village for improvement of health where Inder meets the simple and vibrant 16 year-old Gopi who resides with her elder brother Kishan and his wife. Inder and Rupa become friends with Kishan and his family. Inder sees Gopi as the dead Sakina. The local villagers raise their brows on this relationship. Kishan confronts Gopi who is shell-shocked. When Inder comes to know all this, he leaves the village at once and comes back to his house. But he falls severely sick again. His love for Gopi drives him insane. A desperate Rupa goes to Gopi and convinces Gopi and Kishan. Gopi then comes back to Inder for his well being but is insulted by Inder's relatives. A dejected Gopi returns to the village. Inder recovers. Kishan fixes Gopi's marriage. Inder runs down to explain that he loves her. In the scuffle that follows Gopi slips and falls from the mountain cliff and dies. The materialistic society fails to understand their divine love.

Parwana ! Moths, drawn irrestibly to the flame, in which they must inevitably persih! So are human creatures driven eternally by that mysterious living fire which some call life, others Love, which inspres men to unheard to foil and heroism unbelievable and women to impossible sacrifices, even the ultimate. Humanity dancing round the fire of life, warmed by its glow, gay in its giltter, snatching at the flying sparks which gold its moments with the gold of dying sunsets, unware in its bliss that the sun must set and its irrevocable destiny is to be consumed in that very fire! They perish by the thing they love! Such are the characters in this moving tale of "Parwana". Born to wealth Inder had none of the youths worries. His main interest in life was to help the poor and give a lift to the underdog. Sakeena, a blind beggars daughter was his special protege. He looked upon her like his own kid sister. His parents both of the old schoo, with the burden of their wealthheavy on their hearts, did not like Inders obsession with the poor and shabby creatures with whom, of choice, he nightly kept late hours. They decidehe must marry, and found him a bride after their own heart in Roopa, charming, lovely, cultured daughter of their old acquaintance. Inder was aggreable but he wanted to meet Roopa in order to make sure they could really be happy as man and wife. But her parents were orthodox, too and so Inder and Roopa were wedded, like many another Indian couple without ever having known or seen each other before the marriage ceremony. . Roopa was her parents daughter and resolved to be a good wife...after her own fashion. Inder was equally resolved to be a good husband. But despite will and intention, differences kept creeping in between the couple Inder would not give up his beloved poor and kept his old hours and habits Roopa, from being irritated, grew suspicious and became irritating. Trouble reached a head when inder brought home shawl "Sakeena" had knitted her Bhabhi with her own name "Sakeena" embrodiered in a corner. Reading the name Roopas anger broke all bounds. She roundly charged at the astonished and innocent Inder with the worst of her fears and suspicions. A few days later Inder found Sakeena seriously ill and took her to his own home, promising the child that her beloved Bhabhi would give a mothers loving care. The sequal was disatrous. Angered beyond endurance at what she took be brazen efforntery. Roopa unbraided her husband, slapped the ailing beggar girl, and turned her out on the spot. Sakeena was removed to hospital and what between her illness and the shock of her disillusionment she died there. That was the end for Inder. He fell seriously ill and on convalescene was ordered to the hills for a change. . The story now takes another turn. Recovering slowly Inder found life incredibly dull and purposeless without his poor city friends Roopa who had by now realised her mistake, and the true nature of her husband, did her best to make amends and make him happy in vain, till one day, while on his usual awalk Inder spied a village maid who reminded him strangely of the dead Sakeena. The more he saw of innocent, trusting, Gopi the more he liker her. They spent hours together talking of all sorts of things, for the village maid was full of questions eager to know what lay behind the mountain rim and beyond the far horizon. Inder grew gay and healthy in this revival of his life with poor Sakeena. Seeing him Roopa was happy. So was Gopi, though she found herself strangely trouble over her delight in this association with Inder. The idyll may have continued happily and harmlessly but for Gopis brother who watching his sisters conduct openly charged her with being in love with the stranger from the city, and told her of an aunt who had gone to a dishonoured death as the result of a similar association. The poor child, in shocked innocence and indignation denied it, slapped him in the face and rushed to ask Inder if he could see love in her eyes. Inder reassured her but there Eden was destroyed. The Serpent had entered. . Roopa and Inder left the village that very night. Poor Gopi pined. Inder fell ill again, and it was clear to Roopa where her husbands heart lay, even though she knew he wouldnt for all the world admit it And so Roopa went back to the hill village to get Gopi to her husband. Gopi went with her mind made up to end a situation which she realised with all her simple heart was impossible. Seeing with a face of stone and a soul of tears, Gopi charged Inder for playing with her honour and her innocence was duly turned out for her pains by Inders indignant parents. . The scene changes once more. It is Gopis wedding day. Her brother has arranged the match and his happy. Inder and Roopa had gone to the village, too, and hearing of the occasion, Inder went to congratulate her. Gopi heard him singing outside and rushed in her bridal dress to tell him to leave immediately. He was explaining to her that he had come merely to congratulate her, when he saw her brother rushing at him with a knife. . "Be careful Gopi", shouted Inder, jump aside Gopi jumped, but alas! her foot slipped, and she fell over the precipice to a cruel death on the rocks beneath. . "Oh what have you done, Kishen Bhaiyya,?" said Roopa who come running just then. "We came to congratulate you and Gopi on poor dear Gopis marriage". Too late heartbroken brother realised how mistaken he had been all along. With one agonised cry of "Gopi" he too plunged over the lip of the fateful rock to fall dead beside his beloved little sister. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Parwana.

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