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Passport is a 1961 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1961. The film is directed by Pramod Chakraborty, produced by C. M. Thakkar under banner named Vijaya Films.

Bhagwandas (Nasir Hussain) has a jewellery shop. Shamsher Sing ( K N Singh) joins him as a partner but he is a victim and practioner of smuggling. He brings harm to Bhagwandas by killing some people who worked for him. Shekhar tries to find the guilty man. He comes across Singh & tries to catch him. Bhagwandas's daughter Rita (Madhubala) tries to help Shekhar. \When he tries to inform the police, Singh blackmails him. Shekhar tries to stop Singh from smuggling but insted Singh tries to kill Shekhar. The police also comes to know that Singh is actually Shyamlal who has run from Nairobi after murdering someone. Shekhar helps the police to catch Singh & in the end everything is fine.

The life of Bhagwandas Jeweller was normal till the day when the police raided his shop and took possession of his books and the police ordered Bhagwandas to send his Munim to the police station as and when called for. To a great surprise of Bhagwansdas Munim was dead by an accidental fall-Police and other workers of the shop are suspecting a foul play in his death and in a heated arguments between workers and Bhagwandas the workers decided to go on strike. . Rita, daughter of Bhagwandas, who came form Poona, came to know about the death of Munim and the strike. She suspected Mr. Singh, Friend Philosopher and Guide of her father, and not to add further worries, went tothe striking leaders home to advice him not to go on strike. But the leader insisted to strike and she had to leave the place with her friend Shekhaer, who was incidently, Brother-in-law of the striking leader. . The same night, the striking leader died by a car accident putting Rita, Police and Sheiker in a most delicate postion. To know further how the mystery is solved see it on the screen. Check out this page for more updates on Passport.

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