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Patanga is a 1971 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1971. The film is directed by Kedar Kapoor, produced by Kedar Kapoor.
When a bud blossoms into a beautiful folwer, the ever-watchful thorns grow more prickly, Cupids arrow pierces straight into hearts oozes out pleasuable pain. . Shyam (Shashi Kapoor), a handsome collegian met Renu (Vimi), a pretty girl during a train journey, Both were bound for Dehra Dun. Her pocket having been picked, she was deprived for her money and ticket both. Shyam paid the Ticket Examiner. She thanked him and took his address so that she could pay back the money. There was a surprise in store for both. Her stolen purse fell on the floor out of Shyams belongings He tried to clear his position but she would not listen. Shaym was completerly baffeled. . Shyam and Renu were once again face to face when college opened. The God of love was teasing Shyam. She did not care to look at his face. Kuldip (Rajinder Nath), a pickpocket entered Shyams life and when he saw the agonies of Shyam his conscience pricked. He told Shyam that he was the villain of the piece. Shyam and Kuldip succeeded in clarifying the position to Renu. Shyam won the heart of his sweetie and both the lovers woved never never to part with each other. . Shyam was the son of Ramu (Sajjan), the old family servant of Thakur Amar Singh (Ajit). Thakur Amar Singh had brougtup Shayam like his brohter and showered affection on him. He was dreaming for the fulfil- ment of his desire when Shyam would rise upto his ideals and become a big man. . The course of love never runs smooth and Fate had disppointent in store of Shyam. Manohar (Jagdishraj), the elder brother of Renu and a frined of Amar Singh. died in an accident The family of Renu shifted to the residence of Amar Singh, according to the desire fo the deceased. . Cupid was upto another cruel mischief. Amar Singh was pursuaded by Ramu, the Anutie and wife of his late frend to marry Renu. Renu was unaware of this decision. She was sent out with Amar Singh for outdoor excurisons and picnic so tha their marriage plan would go through. . When Shyam came home from Dehra Dun after his examination, his heart broke when his father gave him the happiest news the after all Amar Singh had agreed to marry and the girl was Renu, who was staying in their house. Renu on her part wnted to meet and move out with Shyam but shyam avoided her. She was already suffering the pangs of separa- tion from her lover and when the time for union had come something inexplicable had happened, She was heart broken. . Shyam, disappoioned in love and owing his very existence to Amar Singh decided to sacrifice, He took to drinks and dancing girls. Amar Singh was grieved and so was Ramu hurt grievously when he came to know this sorry scheme of Affairs. . What was Fate planning and what game was Cupid playing is painful to narrate Pickpocket Kuldip played a role in shaping the destiny of the lovers and pinning hearts were united at last. Check out this page for more updates on Patanga.

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