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Pati Param Guru is a 1991 Indian Bengali drama,romance film released on 1991. The film is directed by Biresh Chattopadhyay, produced by Rathin Majumdar.

Suren, a simple, innocent village boy comes to his maternal uncle's residence. His uncle Bhupati Halder is an estate manager of a zamindar family. Labnya Prabha is the head of the family. She is known to everyone as Mamoni. Suren starts to reside there with Bhupati. Sukhoda is Manoni's relative, who aslo resides there. Sukhoda likes and loves Suren. Mamoni loves Suren as her son. As Mamoni has no legal heir so Bhupati with Naresh Dutta, a cheater, and Kelekanta, a group member of Naresh, kidnaps Sukhoda and forcibly weds her to Kelekanta. This is because Mamoni disires to give all the property to Sukhoda and her husband. On the other hand Suren accidently meets with his friend Debesh. Debesh lives in Kolkata in the residence of Tulu, a party co- worker. Tulu falls in love of Suren where as Bhupati wants to grasp Mamoni's and also lawyer of Zamindar family Punyashlok's property by arranging his marriage with Pomeli, Punyashlok's daughter. Suren loves Tulu but Bhupati does not like Tulu, whrereas Pomeli loves Suren. Sukhoda after marriage also loves Suren but Suren likes Sukhoda and Pomeli, but loves Tulu only. By the plan of Bhupati, Sukhoda, Kelekanta and Naresh have to go jail in a theft case. Pomeli gives her love proposal to Suren but he rejects it Brojesh loves Pomeli, but Pomeli dios not. Brojesh spreads a rumour about Pomeli. Knowing this Pomeli kills Brojesh. Suren saves her and take over the charge of murder. Tulu with the help of Punyashlok saves Suren. Knowing Suren's love for Tulu, Pomeli commences suicide. On the other hand Mamoni dies getting several shocks. Bhupati tries to grasp the property. Punyashlok restricts it because husband of Mamoni, Radhanath still lives. Radhanath gets all the property. Released from jail Suren unites with Tulu and a new life begins.

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