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Patibrata is a 1942 Indian Bengali drama,family film released on 1942. The film is directed by Jagadish Chakraborty.

Zamindar Shibranjan Dutta Chowdhury and Harakanta are intimate friends .Shibranjan got his nephew Ratan married to Harakanta's 5 year old niece.Something unprecidented happened. Harakanta hd to go to jail for Shibranjan.Harakanta died in prison while his son Rajeshwar went to Meerat with his daughter. After 16 years Ranen found there was none for him in the world except their old servant in the village and his cousin brother, Kalinath, a vagabond. Ranen lived in Kolkata hardly visiting this village. Rajeshwar came back to his own village after his wife's death with his daughter and youngest son Sudha. Meanwhile Ranen looked for his wife and father-in -law frantically but could not find their address.One day they happend to meet Rajeshwar and Jyotsna in the village but he could not recognise any one of them. Kalinath told Ranen that he is your father-in-law and the woman is your wife. When Ranen came to know about the tyranny of his grandfather he rushed to meet his father-in-law to offer an appology but Rajeshwar did not listen to him and turned him out of his house. Aggrieved Ranen went back to Kolkata and informed Rajeshwar that Ranen had became a scoundrel. Rajeshwar brought his friend 's son Bimal for the marriage with Jyotsna. Barrister Bimal Roy wanted Jyotsna's company but Jyotsna did not. Ranen lived a vagrant's life. During this time he came to be acquainted with Tarala, a slum girl. Ranen heard of her impoverished condition and helped her. Ranen came back again to Rajeshwar demanding his wife.Who is your wife? Asked Rajeshwar.Your daughter. Hearing this exchange if words Jyotsna asked her father if what Ranen said was true? Rajeshwar told it was not true.She was unmarried. Ranen went back home.Jyotsna came to know from her aunt that he (Ranen)who came here was her husband and that she was not a maiden.She was a married Hindu-woman and vermillion mark of her forehead was her identity.She could not rub it.Hearing about Jyotsna's marriage Ranen became very uneasy and went out on a tour.At Benaras he met Tarala who wanted to live with Ranen. Suddenly Tarak appeared with a revolver to shoot Ranen. Tarala saved Ranen's life. At last the culprit was punished. Jyotsna got back her husband Ranen.

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