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Payal is a 1957 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1957. The film is directed by Joseph Taliath.
Payal is the heart rending story of two sisters-Kamala and Padma. They lose their parents in an air accident and Padma the sweet little girl is deprived of her eye sight. Kamala alive to her new responsibility brings Padma to the city for treatment. . Misfortunes never come alone. On their way to the eye clinic Kamla is robbed of all the money, she managed to get hold of by disposing of her house in the village. Ultimately Kamla is obliged to take a job as a street dancer. . One day while returning home from the Nritya Sabha she runs across a youngman lying in an unconscious state in a lane. She takes pity on the poor little thing and brings him home. The youngmans name is Mohan. He is the son of the rich Zamindar of Girirajapur. Mohan is running a hotel in the hotel much against the wishes of his father. . Oblivious of the machinations of his Manager Shankar who is actually the architect of all his misfortunes, Mohan finds solace in the innocent love if Kamla. But he is soon dis-illusioned when he comes to know that Kamla is a stage dancer. Padma had told him only this that Kamla is a teacher in a night school. In a fit of anger he dubbs Kamla as a cheap prostitute but the truth drawns upon him that Kamala has been doing all this in order to help Padma restore her eye sight. The lovers are reconciled. . The Zamindar rushes to Kamla to rescue his son from her snares. He succeeds in extorting a promise from her that she will give up all claims on Mohan. . From here circumstances take a switft turn. The Zamindar is murdered under typical circumstances. Mohan is charged of patricl but Kamla confesses that she is the real murderer. . But who actually killed the Zamindar? The silver screen holds the answer for you. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Payal.

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