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Piya Milan Ki Aas is a 1961 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1961. The film is directed by S. N. Tripathi.
"Piya Milan Ki Aas".... is a toughing tale of two young lovers, based on a true story out of the colourful life of the hill-folk, a highly Emotional, Musical, Social Romance, set against the romantic back- round of hill, dale and river. . One stormy night, a young and beautiful maiden, Naini, flees with her aged mother to protect her honour from the clutches of the cruel and depraved Jeevan Singh, the son of the Zemindar, She comes racing to the storm lashed river. The Boatman, (Manjhi), moved to compassion by their sorry plight, volunteers to row them across to safety at the peril of his own life. He plunges into the roaring, ragin river, and saves Naini. But there is no trace of the mother. . Manjhi carries the unconscious girl to a nearby temple where under the paternal care of the saintly Pujari, and a widow, Chachi, and the brotherly love of the prphan child Tongi, Naini starts her new life of dedication to the service of God. . But grateful as she is to the Manjhi for having saved her life twice at the risk of his own, the sweet strains of his Alghoza mix with the sweeter sounds of her Payal, so that a fierce struggle ensues in her heart between duty and love Ultimately love truumphs, finding sanction in the Chachis wise words "Womans sacred mission in life is to be a true wife and a good mother." . Hereafter she and her Manjhi have some happy moments of love and romance. This is too much for Shyamo, the chidhoods playmate of Manihi who also lovers him passionately. At this juncture arrives Jeevan in pursuit of Naini, and he and Shyamo conspire to swparate the lovers. But the resourcefulness and devotion of the witty Tongi (Daisy Irani) frustrate their evil schemes. . Defeated but not destryed, the plottings of Jeevan and Shyamo now take a most sinister turn Manjhi apart from playing the Alghoza has the privilege of making the statue of Dev Naini for the Annual Fair. But this year the face of the statue is that of his own Naini. . Making capital out of this resemblence, Jeevan and his ruffians chall- enge the very basis of Naini and Manjhis love as unholy. Manjhi stoutly defends their pure love as sanctioned by God and man, and it seems that he will carry conviction with the rightminded persons among the crowd, when at a secret signal from Sadhu (Jeevan), his ruffians fall upon Mankhi and beat him unconscious. On the other hand, the kindhearted, but sverely puritanical Pujari, to whom the revelation of the love between Naini and Manjhi comes as a rude shock, has to bow before the public clamour engeneered by the Sadhus men, to banish the outsider Naini from their village. . The villains succeed and the lover are separated. But...have distances in tiem and space ever been able to keep true lovers apart? . Through what trals and tribulations the lovers pass what part the noble and devoted child Tongi plays to help them and how ultimately the sorowing and suffering Nainis "Piya Milan Ki Aas". Check out this page for more updates on Piya Milan Ki Aas.

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