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Prabhu Ki Maya is a 1955 Indian Bollywood devotional film released on 1955. The film is directed by V. Panchotia.
A LANDLORD was crying over his son who had died of snake bite. Luckily Swami Atmanand happened to be there at that hour and at the requwst of the landlord brings back the dead boy to life. He, however, advised the landlord not to take too much interest in worldly matters and lead a detached life like Sukdev. The landlord desired to hear the story of Sukdev and Swami Atmanand narrated the followinf story:- . Once, at Narads bidding, Parvati went to Lors Shiva and requested him to reveal Amartatva so that she could become immortal. Lord Shiva agreed and started narrating the Amartatva. Parvati fell asleep before she completely heard Amartatva, but a bird named Suk happened to hear it. When Lord Shiva came to know this, he was furious and wanted to kill the bird. Not finding any way for escape, the bird enters the body of Vyas Munis wife through her mount while she was yawning. . Once in the body of Vyas Munis wife, Suk would not come out for fear of lord Shivas wrath. But after sixteen years, on Lord Krishnas assurance, he took birth, and before Vyas Muni could perform the birth ceremonies, Suk went away leaving Vyas Muni and his wife crying. Suk went from place to place in search of knowledge and was taken to Vyas Muni by Narad. Vyas Muni taught him for sometime and then took him to Lord Shiva directed Suk to King Janak Vedali where he got knowledge of Brahmagyan and learned to lead a detached life even when surrounded by worldly things. . One day he saw a lion, who was killed by Raja Parikshit, getting salvation agter hearing shlokas from shrimad Bhagwat recited by a Brahmachari. This impressed Suk and he once again went to Vyas Muni to learn Shrimad Bhagwat. . Raja Parikshit, once when hunting, reached Shamik Munis Ashram. Parikshit was thirsty and asked for water. The Muni was in Samadhi so he did not hear Raja parikshit. This made Parikshit angry and he wound a dead snake round the neck of the Muni. When Shrangi, Shamik Munis son saw this, he cursed Parikshit. Terrified, Raja Parikshit, went to Ganga Maiys for protection and was directed to Sukdev for salvation. . Sukdev narrated the story of Srimad Bhagwat, hearing which Raja Parikshit got free from the surse and went to heaven. Such is the glory of Shrimad Bhagwat. Check out this page for more updates on Prabhu Ki Maya.

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