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Pratibandh is a 1990 Indian Bollywood drama, action film released on Sep 28, 1990. The film is directed by Ravi Raja, produced by A. Arvind.
This is the story of Chiranjeevi who plays a rough nose, honest cop named as Inspector Siddanth, who fights for his compensations. He gets in trouble with the villain (played by Rami Reddy) when he first says no to take the bribe and then protects a witness to his crimes named as Shanthi (played by Juhi Chawla). His idol (played by J. V. Somayajulu) becomes a minister and stands in the route of the villains. Because Siddanth is caught in their assassination attempts and murders one of Rami Reddy's aides, Rami Reddy brutally kills Shanthi who is Siddanth’s hubby. In a last attempt to save his guru as well as to seek to him that the other police officers and Reddy were trying to brutally kill him, Siddanth switches on the very torch, which is immersed into that pit of explosives that is his idol was reputed to and is killed.

Born in an orphanage, brought up by his strict and unrelenting school-master, Satyendra Sharma, young Siddhanth has not been shown any love or kindness in his entire life. Now he is grown up and is a Sub-Inspector with Bombay Police and continues to live a solitary and detached life, giving to the world what the world has given him - cruelty and loneliness. When Jeevan Ram loses his election to Home Minister, Hirawat Chowdhary, he threatens to expose him. Before he could initiate legal proceedings, his dead body is found on a railway track, this is treated as a case of suicide and his file is closed. Then a young woman, a toy vendor by the name of Shanti, comes forward and claims that she is a witness to Jeevan's murder. Siddhanth protects her, even shelters and marries her, just to ensure her safety. By doing this he has offended the powers that be, none other than his former school master, who is now the State's Chief Minister, the Home Minister, his superior officer the D.I.G., an illicit liquor baron, Katkar, and a dreaded underground gangster known only as Spot Nana. Now the ball is in Spot's court and he is all set to teach Siddhanth a lesson - a lesson that may well end up taking his life, as well as the life of his pregnant wife.

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