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Raat Barota Panch is a 2005 Indian Bengali thriller film released on 2005. The film is directed by Saran Dutta, produced by Netesh Sharma , music composed by Shilajit Majumdar.

The genre of the movie "Raat Barota Paanch" is horror. The story revolves around a haunted house . In 1945 -45, Narayan Chatterjee was the owner of this house, a riot was going on at that time . He gave shelter to one of his friend's daughter to his house .But Narayan's intention was not good, he forced that girl to prostitution .Many people molested the girl . One day the girl became mad. She murdered Narayan Chatterjee ,and after that she attempted scuicide . The date was 26th August. As the story begins we find that it is raining heavily and this is 2005.Now in this house Shyamali stays with her father . Suddenly Rishi and Tina come to that house to take shelter because their car is having problems and no other transport is available at that hour of night. They request Shyamali's father to give them shelter. Shyamali's father gives them the permission to stay but tells them that they have to stay carefully because this night is very inauspicious. Tina is pregnant and she is an unmarried woman and Rishi is her would- be child's father. After sometimes Rana comes with his friend Tito to meet Shyamali. Rana and Tito both are criminals. Rana loves Shyamali. The lights in the old house are also not working properly . Moreover, the date is 26th August. A barmy person is always murmuring out side ,sometimes screaming also . When Shyamali's father comes down to check their electric meter box,she kills him. Every body is scared. They quarrel among themselves while the poltergeist kills Shyamali's father, the barmy person, Rana and Rishi in sequence. Shymali, Tito and Tina finds out the skeleton of that girl. When they are trying to burn that, the spectre stabs Shyamali. Lastly Tina and Tito burn the skeleton . When they are coming out from that house, the sun also comes out.

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