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Sahara is a 1958 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1958. The film is directed by Lekhraj Bhakri.

Leela (Meena Kumari) is an orphan and stays with her paternal uncle (Badri Prasad) and aunt (Leela Mishra) while they arrange for their daughter Kaushalya's marriage. The landlord selects Leela to be their daughter in law. Leela goes to her in law's place Badlapur, but her husband Chhote Thakur (M.Rajan) doubts her character and makes her leave the house. The actual fault lies with his sister Janani, who loves Shamu (Manoj Kumar). Shamu doesn't like Janani's this step and argues with her. Thakur listens to the same and kills Janani. He then searches for Leela. On the other hand, Leela falls into the trap of Gaman Singh (Kanhaiyalal) & Swarupbai (Kuldeep Kaur), who give her shelter but make her beg for alms by making her blind. Time passes and she yearns to be a mother. Luckily, Gaman Singh and Swarupbai bring in a boy Panna (Daisy Irani) and make him beg too. Soon Leela & Panna develop a lovely mother-son relationship. They cannot live without each other. But once Panna becomes seriously ill and the doctor demands more money. Leela goes to Seth whom she had given her money as savings. Seth refuses to give her the money but finds that Panna is none other than his own son. Panna also happens to be the son of Leela's cousin Kaushalya. The doctor fails to cure him as he wants only his mother Leela. Seth and his mother - in - law, that is Leela's aunt ask for Leela's forgiveness. Finally Chhote Thakur also succeeds in finding Leela and takes her back to his home as his bride.

Sahara is the story of a simple faithful, honest girl who in trying to make others happy was made to suffer in this selfish world. To her, sacrifice, pennance and service wer ideals synomious with the very life of a woman. . Leela was an orphan girl who spent her days serving her uncle, her aunt and her cousin sister. Call it a good or bad future, she was married in a rich family only to be turned out on the wedding night, by the selfish-in-laws. She returned to her uncles home; but she did not get refuge there. . In this world, the simple and honest always have to face sufferings and that was Leelas lot. Ultimately she found refuge with Gumansingh and his wife Sarupbai who made the blind and lame people beg and lived on their earnings. Leela mistook their place for an orphanage. And before she could realize the truth, she lost her eyes. She sang and earned money; she was glad as she felt that she was helping other blind and lame people. . And so the years passed. A child came in the blind womans life. The child was bought by Gumansingh and his wife to turn him into a professional begger. The child brought an end to all Leelas misery, and when he called her mother, her joy knew no bounds. But, alas, this happiness was shortlived as the child was taken away from her. . Meanwhile Leelas husbands eyes were opened and he started on a search for Leela. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Sahara.

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