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Satta Bazar is a 1959 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1959. The film is directed by Ravindra Dave, produced by Ravindra Dave under banner named Nagina Films.

Ramesh (Balraj Sahni) is living happily with his second wife Tamanna (Meena Kumari), his daughter Kala (Vijaya Chaudhari) and his son. His daughter is in love with her father's friend's son Suresh (Shyam). Both families agree to their marriage and they get engaged. But Pritam, son of Badriprasad (Tiwari) falls in love with Kala and tells his father that he would marry her only. Badri Prasad is very good in the share bazar and decides to get Ramesh also into it. Ramesh likes it and starts buying and selling shares. His wife stops him from doing this it but he doesn't listen. One day he loses all his money. Badriprasad tells Ramesh that he would give him money if he gets his daughter married to Pritam. Ramesh agrees and Pritam and Kala get married. Badriprasad also kidnaps Shyam and sends him to Lonavala. After marriage Ramesh loses everything and Badriprasad doesn't give him the money. Badriprasad decides to kill Shyam but by mistake his son Pritam dies. Ramesh becomes paralysed when he comes to know this. But everything ends well and both Kala & Shyam finally get married.

A devolt housewife (Kumari) supports her stepdaughters decision to marry a man not of her own caste, but her husband Ramesh (Sahni) gets mixed up with a bunch of crooks and causes the family much distress. *.* Here is a story that wriggles around the " Adverse" out come of gambling and the psychology of a step mother. . Jamuna is married to Ramesh, a well settled business man who has a daughter Kala from his first wife. . Jamuna tries her utmost to be substitue for Kalas real mother. She gives her love and affection but the girl ridicules her and shows extreem contempt for the new mother. Climax between the relation of the step mother and the daughter reaches when the marriage of Kala is under question Kala is in love with Shyam. Ramesh opposes this marrige and calls it " an impossibility "because the lovers have different castes and come from different provinces. Jamuna come to the rscue of the young lovers. She argues with Ramesh that the world has gone a long way ahead and the entrenched caste prejudices should not be allowed to come in the way of those young innocent lovers. Jamuna succeeds in her just stand, Kala moved to tears she embraces Jamuna calling Maa. Kala is engaged to shyam. Fate has a lot to play Ramesg gets entagled with a money crazy gambler Badri Prasad. Satta Bazaar with all its traditional glory does to Ramesh what it had been doing in the past to human race. . Jamuna denounces gambling and protests but Ramesh does not give up till it lowers him to a down right maniac gambler and ruins him and his family. He becomes a target of society and has to face the brunt of his daughters un-happiness and the tortures which his wife and child from Jamuna have to under go. . How eventually the situation is solved which ultimately brings the family together and brings a dawn of realization to Ramesh that gambling and the money procured by it are not the only means of higher and better living. Check out this page for more updates on Satta Bazar.

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