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Saudagar is a 1973 Indian Bollywood social, musical, family drama, drama film released on Oct 26, 1973. The film is directed by Sudhendu Roy, produced by Tarachand Barjatya under banner named Rajshri Productions.

Moti (Amitabh Bachchan) collects the syrup of date trees and takes it to an elder widow Mahjubhi (Nutan) who makes excellent gud out of it. Moti's gudsells well in the market. Moti falls in love with the beautiful Phoolbano (Padma Khanna). But her father asks for a meher (dowry) of 500 rupees which Moti is unable to pay. To save the labour, he marries Mahjubhi and extracts extra work from her to make more gud. Moti sells the extra gud and saves more money. Mahjubhi takes care of Moti lovingly and makes extra gud for him very happily unaware of his ulterior motive. When Moti saves enough money to wed Phoolbano, he divorces Mahjubhi accusing her of infidelity. Mahjubhi is very hurt when she finds out that Moti had decieved her. Then Mahjubhi also remarries a widower with 3 children and goes to live in another village. In the next gud season, Phoolbano makes such awful gud that nobody buys Moti's gud. Instead they scorn him and he loses his standing in the market. In the end, Moti goes to Mahjubhi and requests her to make 2kg gud for him so that he can sell something that season.. When he sees tears in Mahjubhi 's eyes he understands the depth of her love for him.

The film revolves round three characters- a young toddy-tapper, a widow who prepared gur for him and a pretty young woman. In order to procure meher (dowry) to marry the young woman the tapper marries the widow and collects the money. Branding her as an infidel woman he divorces. His young wife is no match to the widow in preparing gur. He loses heavily and becomes a debtor. He turns to the widow for help who in the meantime is married. Check out this page for more updates on Saudagar.

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