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Singh Saab The Great is a 2013 Indian Bollywood social film released on Nov 22, 2013. The film is directed by Anil Sharma, music composed by Anu Malik.
Saranjeet Singh Sunny is a common simple man taking pride in his honesty. He has a small joined family and needs less and wants less in life. He was the one who always believes in his worship. He is a man who loves his family and always valued truth and believed in its victories. He lived his life approving the good things and his own strength over evil. To bring in the change in society and to put all things in a correct order, he become a collector as since his childhood he always stuck in the confusion of corruption and injustice due to an insufficient society system. It always bothered him.He had to pay his price for harming none and doing no wrong to anyone individually but only standing up for the honesty. Life took this terrifying turn in his life.When common men are united, they are neither common nor hopeless. As his strength, Singh uses this and starts back his fight against all bad and wrongs and eventually wins his battle and shifts to other city. In Singh Saheb The Great movie Sunny Deol plays the role of a collector in the film, which will be a satirical comedy on corruption. While Ameesha would be seen playing a Punjabi girl in the film, Amrita would be seen playing a journalist. Check out this page for more updates on Singh Saab The Great.

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