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Suhag Raat is a 1968 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1968. The film is directed by R. Bhattacharya, produced by R. Bhattacharya under banner named A. J. Pictures, music composed by Kalyanji-Anandji.

Raju (Rajshree) was getting married to Jeetu (Jeetendra) an army officer he gets a call that there is war, so he has to go back without getting married. Raju's mother, father & brother get expired & she gets news that Jeetu is also missing, so she thinks he had also got killed. But when Jeetu comes back he see that every thing has lost & Raju is also dead. So he feels very alone. He finds the fact that maa who had adopted him who already has one son Udey, who has a bad character, so she had marry Uday with Raju. but Uday kills one person on the day of the marriage & ran away, & they get news he get died. Next day Udey comes back & makes Suhaag raat with her wife Raju & promise her not to tell any one that he is alive. Later Raju gets a child. everyone doubts her & throws her & Jeetu out of the house But she doesn't break her promise. When her child grows up he comes back & Jeetu dies while saving Uday.

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