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Swami Vivekanand is a 1955 Indian Bollywood biographical film released on Jan 01, 1955. The film is directed by Amar Malik. Narendranath (late known as Swami Vivekanand) is a moody restless child, subject to fits of tantrums during which he is completely beyond control. His mother, whose atinece is very nearly exhausted, finds that the only way he can quieten her nruly son is to douse him with cold water while chanting Shivas name. . He growas into a restless, sceptical youthm filled with all he doubts of his generation. . It is in connection with a song composed by himself that laren first meets Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans, the great age who soon realises that Naren is the right person to bread his message ot the entire world. . For sometime, Naren doenst take Sri Ramkrishna criously but later begins to realise that in the company of he noble sage he finds the peace that has always eluded him. But he still remains a sceptic. . Suddenly, tragedy stikes Narens house. Faced with cute poverty, trials and hardhsips, he turns to God and sks Sri Ramkrishna to intercede on his behalf. The sage sefuses, saying that only Kali can help him. Sri Ramkrishna overjoyed when Naren, the unbeliever, agrees to pray to Kali. . When Sri Ramkrishna blesses Naren, a miraculous porotual transform- ation take splace in the young man. Forgetting his worldly needs and difficulties, Naren begins to pray for knowledge and understanding. As he prays, a erene peace descends upon him, and the restlessness he had experienced all through his life vanishes. . Renouncing the world, Naren becomes Sri Ramkrishna first disciple. . In the course of a few years many young men become disciples of Sri Raamkrishna, and the sage feels that at last he has accomplished his mission. He decides to depart from this world entrusting Naren with the work of spreading his teachings. . Soon after Ramkrishna Parmahans Maha Samadhi, Naren sees in a vision his Master who asks him to carry his spiritual message to the West. Encouraged and helped by the Maharaha of Khetri, he sails for America. At the suggestion of the Mharaja, Naren assumes the name of Swami Vivekanand. He is an unknown Indian missionary taking his philosophy to hostile and suspicious audiences. Insults and insinuations fail to dishearten him, but it is only at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago that he achieves his first signal success. At this convention his superb oratory conquers all suspicions, and he is universally recognized as one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the world. . After America, Swami Vivekanand takes his message to Europe. During one of his lectures in London he gains the most faithful of his disciples, margaret Noble, later known as Sister Nivedita. . Margaret Noble at first finds difficulty in accepting Vivekanands views, but struck with his powerful personality and the intellectual freshness of his philosophical outlook, she renounces all her ties, becomes a Hindu and pledges her life to the service of India. . Upon his return to India, Swamiji goes on a countrywide tour. During the course of his travels, he sees the terrible poverty of the masses and is greatly moved by their sufferings. He decides it is in India that his services are most urgently required, and he begins the difficult task of uplifiting the masses. . Establishing the Ramkrishna Mission and Belur Math, he and his followers undertake the formidable mission of emancipating the masses. . Due to overwork and strain, Swami Vivekanads hearth gives way. He is urged by Sister Nivedita to rest, but refuses to do so. The strain of ceaseless work begins to tell on him, and he is aware that he is nearing the end of his life. . Like Sri Ramkrishna, Swami Vivekanand sets the day he will enter into the last trance of Maha-Samadhi. He has a premonition of his untimely death and tells Sister Nevedita, "I am miaking ready for death but death has a different meaning for me when death approaches me, all fear and weakness vanish. I am as hard as the pebbles on the shore, for I have touched the feet of God. Take it, I shall not cease to work I shall inspire men everywhere, until the world knows that it is one with God." . On the fourth day of July 1902, his actions are as deliberate as on any other day. After meditating for three hours in the morning, he bids his follwers farers farewell, enters into a traance, and soon his spirit leaves his body. Check out this page for more updates on Swami Vivekanand.

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