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Tatinir Bichar is a 1940 Indian Bengali drama,family film released on 1940. The film is directed by Sushil Majumdar.

Tatini was brought up by her aunt Krishna bhamini after the death of his mother. Basanta was introduced with Tatini in a steamer party. After that they became close and closer. But their closeness made Samar and Lalita mad. Because Samar wanted Tatini and school teacher Lalita wanted to marry rich and handsome Basanta. One night Samar and his associates suddenly attacked Basanta's car. Basanta was quite tough. So he was able to resist the attacked and went away safely. But after that injured Samar entered Dr. Bose's clinic with his associates. After preliminary medication Dr.Bose allowed them to stay in the clinic for that night. Next day Dr. Bose came to know from newspaper that night there was a care of dacoity in Burrabazar. He asked for the share of the loot unless he would inform everything to the police. The real profession of Dr. Bose was not medicine. He learned different tricks of gangsters during his seven years stay in Chicago. He made Samar his assistant and set a trap for lalita, Basanta and Tatini. Krishna Bhamini did not like late night parties of Tatini. One day she told Tatini that she was not his real mother, but aunt.Tatini came to know that his father was an absconded criminal. So Tatini left Krishna Bhamini's family, Basanta's shelter and starting living an ascetic life. Basanta to forget Tatini started drinking.One night Lalita received a letter. The sender of the letter requested to meet someone who would help her.Curious Lalita went there. Dr. Bose was ready and placed a Paper in front of her to sign. It was written in the paper that Lalita would give Dr. Bose rupees ten thousand if Dr. Bose made arrangement of her marriage with Basanta. Lalita did not agree to sign the paper. But Lalita was faced to sign. It did not take much time for the marriage of Basanta and Lalta. One day Lalita invited Tatini. But as soon as Tatini reached there it was found that Lalita was poisoned. It was puspected that Tatini was in the trial box. Krishna Bhamini, Basanta, Dr.Bose -all was present in the court. Only Samar was not persent. One day Samar entered Dr. Bose's laboratory. Dr Bose was busy in researching at that time. After that samar was found only once in Lalita's room and since them he was absconded. But from where Tatini had collected such a rare poison? Krishna Bhamini in the court confessed that Tatini's father was Mahendralal Mitra and he was a absconded criminal. Hearing the name of Mahendralal Mitra, Dr Bose was surprised. When Tatini was found guilty by the members of the jury, then Dr. Bose entered the court like a storm. Samar was with him. Samar confessed that it was he who gave the poison. Then dramatically it was revealed that Dr. Bose was actually Mahendralal Mitra, father of Tatini. Tatini was declared not-guilty.

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