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  • Steve Persall


    Steve Persall | Tampa Bay Times

    Flawed as it is, The Cobbler retains interest throughout, chiefly because Sandler isn't bad in a rare semi-dramatic performance.
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  • Rex Reed


    Rex Reed | New York Observer

    Written and directed with precision and sensitivity by Thomas McCarthy (The Station Agent), it revives the pleasant art of storytelling most of today’s young filmmakers have all but abandoned, and cures (temporarily, anyway) my allergy to Adam Sandler.
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  • Kerry Lengel


    Kerry Lengel | Arizona Republic

    The Cobbler definitely won't please the audience for Sandler's mainstream blockbusters, and it's unlikely to win him new fans among the indie intelligentsia, either.
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  • All this publication's reviews


    All this publication's reviews | Philadelphia Inquirer

    A film that continues to grow more perplexing as it walks, not runs, toward an unsatisfying end.
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  • All this publication's reviews


    All this publication's reviews | Entertainment Weekly

    What starts off as a potentially charming fantasy never finds its footing.
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  • Peter Travers


    Peter Travers | Rolling Stone

    Bad things can happen to talented people. Take Tom McCarthy, who wrote and directed "The Station Agent," "The Visitor" and "Win Win." All gems. His fourth film, The Cobbler, is a failure on every level.
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  • A.A. Dowd


    A.A. Dowd | The A.V. Club

    Maudlin when it’s not being offensive, The Cobbler belongs to that special class of comedy that seems to get worse with every new (mis)step it takes.
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  • Alonso Duralde


    Alonso Duralde | TheWrap

    When it seems like the movie can’t get worse, it does, with a finale that’s just cringe-inducing and far too neat and tidy. It’s the kind of climax that undoes all of McCarthy and Sandler’s efforts to make us invest in Max and his story.
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  • Bilge Ebiri


    Bilge Ebiri | New York Magazine (Vulture)

    Throughout The Cobbler, Sandler himself seems more invested than he’s been for a long time. But the rest of this ghastly movie lets him down.
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  • Nathan Rabin


    Nathan Rabin | The Dissolve

    The Cobbler is such a weirdly somber comedy that it would almost be in poor taste to laugh during it, though there’s not much danger of that happening.
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