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  • Tushar Joshi


    Tushar Joshi | DNA India

    When you have a disclaimer before a film that says “members of the paranormal society” would be available for counselling after the screening, you roll your eyes and perceive it to be nothing but a marketing gimmick. But trust me as the end credits roll out, you might actually want to see if these folk exist, and if there is a chance of having a discussion with them. Set in the 70’s The Conjuring is a throwback tribute to the classic The Amityville Horror style
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  • Rajeev Masand


    Rajeev Masand |

    The problem with most modern horror films is that they've stopped trying to scare you; they want to gross you out instead with elaborate and explicit torture and killings. The Saw franchise, and even the repugnant Human Centipede movies seem to pride themselves on just how many times you have to turn away in sheer disgust at what's unfolding on screen. It takes a film as old fashioned and as classically structured as 'The Conjuring'
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  • Renuka Vyavahare


    Renuka Vyavahare | Times of India

    Alarmed with the rise in horrific events taking place, Carolyn requests noted Paranormal investigators Ed ( Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farminga) to look into the case. What surfaces will make you think twice before being intrigued by old and abandoned mysterious houses, antiques and musical toys. Most horror films claim to be 'based on real life incidents'. While they rarely live up to the hype around them
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  • Mihir Fadnavis


    Mihir Fadnavis | Mid-Day

    What do you do when a movie is so scary that you can’t even laugh away to conceal your fear? What do you do when the only way to see a film is through the little slit between your fingers, as your palm covers your face? What do you do when a jump scare comes right out of the blue and you end up wetting your pants and your seat? 'The Conjuring' poses all these questions during its blitzkrieg of a runtime. Directed by modern horror maestro James Wan
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  • Christy Lemire (AP)


    Christy Lemire (AP) | NDTV Movies

    As sympathetic, methodical ghostbusters Lorraine and Ed Warren, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson make the old-fashioned haunted-house horror film The Conjuring something more than your average fright fest. In 1971, they come to the Perrons' swampy, musty Rhode Island farmhouse - newly purchased from the bank - to investigate the demonic spirit that has begun terrorizing the couple and their five daughters - a working class family
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  • Pratyush


    Pratyush | BookMyShow

    Spooky/Horror films in the last few years haven’t really been impressive. The Conjuring, however, is a different ball game. It will spook the......
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