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  • Nikhat Kazmi


    Nikhat Kazmi | Times of India

    The Green Hornet isn't any ordinary super hero story. This one is a complete revision of the vigilante's tale of valour. And the fact that it does it with comedy and flair makes it such a fun watch. When a bored Britt chooses to spice up his life by playing a super hero at night, he asks his coffee-maker cum driver, Kato to point out what's common between all super heroes. The cape, the tights, proffers Kato. Nah! The fact that they are all the good guys
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  • Namrata Bhawnani


    Namrata Bhawnani | Mumbai Mirror

    The Green Hornet is almost a blast, with director Michel Gondry conjuring up interesting visual tricks and managing to make the humour work for most part. Though two hours is way too long to sustain a cheeky take on superheroes and the 3D format just accessorises the film, rather than add any depth to the visual experience. Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the millionaire playboy who turns into clueless superhero by night with his sidekick Kato
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  • Rajeev Masand


    Rajeev Masand |

    The Green Hornet should've been a better film. With the combined talents of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry and the writing and acting strength of Seth Rogen, this superhero film ought to have been smarter and funnier than it is. Starting out originally as an American radio series in the 30s, then a 60s TV show, The Green Hornet recounts the adventures of newspaper heir and masked crime-fighter Britt Reid
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  • Tushar Joshi


    Tushar Joshi | Mid-Day

    He's a super hero with a twist. Seth Rogen is really the most unlikely candidate to wear a mask and tight latex. In The Green Hornet, he's forced to become someone he's not. His sidekick is Kato (Chou) who until now has been fixing cars. Almost like two idle men having nothing much to do, they devise a plan to wear masks and impersonate a criminal named Green Hornet. The two seem to be pretty entertained doing so, but what about the audience?
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  • Shubhra Gupta


    Shubhra Gupta | Indian Express

    A fictional character who has lasted 70 years, grown in various media forms, and has a whiz sidekick, would survive almost anything, you would believe. But Seth Rogen is something else. This is the first and hopefully the last encounter of The Green Hornet, media publisher by day, vigilante by night, with Rogen – singlehandedly he makes The Green Hornet the most undesirable guy you are likely to meet anytime soon. Thanks to the fact that Rogen
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  • Raja Sen


    Raja Sen |

    I turned 30 last week, and clearly my life isn't the kind debutant director Alankrita Srivastava would make a movie about. I didn't open a door to forty people screaming 'surprise' and laugh like they just told me a hilarious joke, I didn't play Truth Or Dare where men confessed they'd been bad husbands but really loved their wives -- to which buddies warmly exclaimed 'Good one!,' as if another invisible gag passed me by -- and women came out of the closet
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  • Mrigank Dhaniwala


    Mrigank Dhaniwala | Koimoi

    If you are a fan of the Green Hornet franchise, go for it.
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  • jeevan789


    'Green' Signifies 'Cool'

    jeevan789, 6 years ago
    This is nice movie. I liked it.
  • devenpatel



    devenpatel, 6 years ago
    This is nice movie. I liked it.

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