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Marathi    Nov 21, 2014 (India)  

Verdict: Cool Movie. Watchable.


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Vitti Dandu is a 2014 Indian Marathi patriotic, adventure, drama, musical, sport film released on Nov 21, 2014. The film is directed by Ganesh Kadam, produced by Leena Deore under banner named Raj Radha Movies.

This is the story about the triumph of love for the country over attachments for a loved one. This story is about the relationship between grandfather and his only grandson. The story of 1947 is narrated to the grandson (2014) by the grandson (1947) who has now become grandfather.

Morgaon, a laidback hamlet is the canvas of this story and the tale begins to unfold just six days before Independence. It mainly revolves around two characters- Dajji and his grandson, Govind. Daji’s son Vasant and daughter in law, Manisha were freedom fighters and they were killed by the British Officer because of their friends had did perfidy with them. Since then Daji hates all the freedom fighters. On the other side, he is very loyal to the Britishers and has good respect towards them. He wants Govind to stay away from Indian freedom fighters and close to the Britishers.

He fiercely protected Govind from all the freedom fighters and followed him like a shadow, pampered and played ‘Vitti Dandu’. Govind is master of this game and can hit the target accurately, just like his beloved Father. The Villagers are amused and irritated at the same time by Daji’s penchant for admiring the shrewd foreigners. But, not many would know the reason behind Daji’s obsequious behavior. The other bipolar personality was Usman, the elderly Chacha who was revered by the entire village and his tales of adventure and heroism regaled the village folks day-in and day-out. Daji held him responsible for his son and daughter in law’s execution. Usman’s only greif was his son who was loyal police aide in far away Pune.

Adding life and colour to the otherwise listless and monotonous village life was the sensous Ms. Sandhya- the only muse of the entire village who entertained not only the village folks but also the British officers with her song and dance numbers. But the most important thing about her is she is secretive freedom fighter.

Bapu Patil is one such character who is terror for the Britishers. He is an extremist and controls his operations underground. He along with Devdutta, Farooq, Ashfaq, Vishwambhar, Muka and Durgakka are planning to fight against the cruel Britishers and tries hard to free the village from them.

Khaufnar, the fearless cruel officer has been appointed to look after this village. He is known for his cruelty and encounters. He is the one who has killed Daji’s son and daughter-in-law. One fine day when he was riding on his horse encountered with an accident. Daji and Govind were playing Vitti Dandu and Govind struck Vitti so hard that it hit Khaufnar with such a force that he got misbalanced and fell down on the ground. Hell breaks loose on Daji. In a bid to save himself and Govind, Daji flees the scene and with the help of Damu unwittingly lands up at Usmaan’s place. Meanwhile Atton, the senior officer after Khaufnar took in charge about the accident. He started punishing innocent villagers and freedom fighters. Daji was feeling ashamed that because of him innocents were suffering. He made Govind promise that he would not tell anyone about what had happened. He surrenders himself and confesses his crime. He is arrested and lifeas a prisoner of the British rulers brings in unexpected popularity for Dajji. Overnight Daji is hailed as a hero of the freedom struggle. Rumour mills gets continually fed with imaginary and real anecdotes of Daji’s heroic acts. Usmaan Chacha, Bapu Patil and his troop are all charged by Daji’s selfless sacrifice. Most importantly, Govind is upbeat and proud of his grandfather’s heroism. Many such events occur where Daji means to do different thing and it is taken completely differently by the villagers. Atton is fed up of his rising popularity and decides to hang him as he had killed his General. The Britishers are ready to begin trial on Daji’s execution. On the otherside, Usmaan chacha and his band are all ready to ambush the imperialist forces on the day of Daji’s execution. Daji;s last wish was to see Govind and to get Vitti which killed Khaufnar as it was the only belonging and memory of his beloved son.

On the day of the final execution, there happened a thrilling battle between the freedom fighters and the Britishers. British overpowered them and once again take Daji for the execution. As everyone looks with bated breath, a convoy of police arrives in the village square announcing the freedom of the nation. Daji was supposed to set free but Atton denied and was determinant to kill Daji. As a climax, Govind and his friends attack Britishers with hitting Vitti at them. Govind outrageous battle against Atton makes him bend in front of him. Thus the village is set free from the Britishers.

At the end Rohan, grandson of Govind comes to know that his grandfather was the one who fought against the Britishers and is narrating the story to him.

This is the story about the triumph of love for the country over attachments for a loved one

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Reviews for Vitti Dandu

Mihir Bhanage


Mihir BhanageTimes of India

Set on the backdrop of revolutionary movements during the pre-independence era, this film presents the story of a kid and his grandfather’s struggle to stay safe

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BMS Editor


BMS Editorbookmyshow

Vitti Dandu is a story told by a grandfather to his grandson. He wishes to educate the child about the wonders of nature and about the freedom......

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Movie Casting : Dilip Prabhavalkar, Ashok Samarth, Yatin Karyekar, Nishant Bhavsar, Mrunal Thakur, Vikas Kadam Directions: Ganesh Kadam Script Writer: Vikas Kadam Age Group: The m..

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  • Patil


    My review of Vitti Dandu (2014) by Patil

    Patil, 4 years ago
    If you really want to know the meaning behind Zeal and Patriotism.... Go and watch it with your family..... Nice movie... Would like to watch more same category movies in future.

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