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Woh Chhokri is a 1994 Indian Bollywood drama film released on 1994. The film is directed by Subhankar Ghosh.
The movie speaks a lot on the way women live their living with their family. They are quiet firm and composed with the living standard of their life. The movie has many ups and downs in the film and shows how the things need to enforce the thinking standard of the people. The movie has many excellent plots and raises the huge establishment of the citizens.

Paresh Rawal leaves his wife and daughter one day without informing them. The movie follows the struggle to a mother and daughter in their life. The daughter is illegitimate and is often ill treated by other people in the community. She is forced to leave school and no other school is willing to accept her. The film shows the struggle of the daughter to find her father. She thinks that her father left her for a reason and is too naive and blind to accept that the latter left her. As for the mother, following the departure of Paresh, she has started working as a servant and is often ill treated.
One day, they come across an article in the newspaper stating that Paresh is now an MLA in India. The mother is depressed and takes up to drinking. After being convinced by her daughter, she goes to Delhi to try to get her husband back. There, she finds that Paresh has another life and she is drugged and returned back to Mumbai. Soon after, she dies leaving her daughter aged 16 all alone.

The daughter takes up her mothers job and is exposed to the harsh reality of how servants are treated in India. She also meets Om Puri, an old man who lost his wife 15 years ago. He seems genuinely concerned for the welfare of the girl and slowly gains her trust and finally asks her to come live with him despite the age gap. After some initial reluctance, the girl finally accepts and starts living with Om Puri, until Om Puri in turn dies of a heart Attack. The local Police accuses the girl of murder and is questioned. After 6 months she is released and realises that she has lost everything. For a certain amount of time, she gets into prostitution until she decides to move to Delhi and try to get in touch with her father.
In Delhi, She lives in the railway station with 3 other kids and together they manage to get their life going. One day, she learns that her father is coming to the city and will be giving a conference. She decides to attend and during the conference, she gets up and starts shouting to her father that she is her daughter. Paresh ignores her calls and she is led out by the police and left a few miles on the road.
She then realizes that her mother was right and that her father had really abandoned them on their faith, yet again faced with the brutality of life. As she walks off to the railway station, one of the henchmen of her father brutally slits her throat and the movie ends showing her dead body lying in the grass.

It’s a movie to show about how politician behave with their own family if its affected to their career.

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