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Yaadein is a 2001 Indian Bollywood drama, family film released on Jun 27, 2001. The film is directed by Subhash Ghai, produced by Subhash Ghai under banner named Mukta Arts Ltd..
Raj Singh Puri has a very rich buddy in Lalit Kumar Malhotra, and his beau, Nalini. After the passing of his companion, Shalini, Raj has become more reliant on the Malhotras, and they have given him support and pity in his time of need. Raj has also won over the desires of their boy, Ronit Malhotra. When Ronit meets with Raj's girl, Isha, both fall in love with each other. They want to awe Ronit's parents and Raj, and they accordingly agrees to share this news with Raj, only to find out that Raj has been engaged in trying to get Ronit wed to Monishka Rai, the girl of a very wealthy business tycoon, who the Malhotras would like to have a business engaged together. Check out this page for more updates on Yaadein.

Cast & Crew

Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff

Raj Singh Puri

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Ronit Malhotra

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Isha Singh Puri

Avni Vasa

Avni Vasa

Avantika Singh Puri

Himani Rawat

Himani Rawat

Sania Singh Puri

Kiran Rathod

Kiran Rathod

Monishka Rai

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  • rajverma67


    My review of Yaadein (2001) by rajverma67

    rajverma67, 7 years ago
    This is the story about Raj. Raj is the father of three daughters who had lost his wife in a car accident. Raj is working in a company whose owner is J.K.Malhotra. Malhotras are the rich industrialists who have spread their business across all the parts of the world. Raj’s three daughters are Avantika, Sania and Isha. Avantika ‘s marriage is an arrange marriage and her father only finds for her the perfect match. Sania marries to the love of her life. Even though, her father warns her about the boy’s family background she still decides to marry him. Raj is against love marriage and he is strictly against love. After two weeks of her marriage, Sania returns to her father that she wants to file a divorce against her husband. In Malhotra’s family, there is Ronit, he is the son of L.K.Malhotra. Ronit meets Isha and he falls in love with her. Isha on the other end doesn’t believe in love. Ronit is giving coverage to the cycling competition and Isha is the participant in the cycling race and she is set to win a cycling race outside India. Ronit decides to teach Isha to love. Isha wins the race and she is the star for the evening. Ronit on the other end decides to tell Isha that he loves her. But Isha is in her own pride. One day when she goes to visit a place and Ronit comes to know that one of the crocodiles catches her, so he immediately goes to save her. Isha is admitted in the hospital and so is Rohit. Isha after coming to know that Rohit saved her decides to confess her love for him. Ronit also confesses that he is in love with Isha and then the song plays in the background. When Ronit and Isha decide to confess this to her father, Ronit’s family finds a perfect match for Ronit. Isha promises Raj that she won’t do anything to break Ronit’s marriage. But it is Ronit who makes Raj realize that the girl’s family is not right for him. Raj then decides to tell this to J.K. But in this, J.K insults Raj and Raj is let down. Now Raj decides to get Isha and Ronit married. It is finally all the other Malhotra’s who makes J.K. realizes his mistake and even he agrees for Isha’s and Ronit’s marriage. The film ends on a very happy note. The film’s songs are good. But somewhere you are bored with the contents of the movie. The locations are superb whereas, Kareena’s and Hritik’s acting is excellent. The story is good but somewhere it fails to catch the attention of the audiences till the end.
  • hindicritic


    Timepass Movie

    hindicritic, 8 years ago
    This is one time watch. You can watch this movie to pass your time.

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