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Yuvraaj is a 1979 Indian Bollywood action film released on Oct 05, 1979. The film is directed by T. R. Ramanna, produced by T. Govinda Rajan.

Movie starts with Suryadev (Kabir Bedi) who is the king of Suryadesh and lives a wealthy lifestyle. Later his marriage is arranged with a beautiful and attractive young Rajkumari named Nandini (Aruna Irani) who is the princess of Pushpapuri. Soon the wedding day arrives and Suryadev travels to Pushpapuri to marry Nandini. But destiny has decided something else for him as he marries another woman named Meenakshi (Indrani Mukherjee) who is none other than the maid of Nandini. This makes Nandini angry and she decides to take revenge for her humiliation. Later Meenakshi becomes pregnant and soon gives birth to a baby boy named Vikramdev. Meanwhile Nandini ties up with a sorcerer named Mahendra (Ranjeet) to take revenge.

Mahendra turns Suryadev and Meenakshi into a pearl necklace and a beggar respectively. Also he takes on the guise of Suryadev himself and announces that Vikramdev and Meenakshi are dead. Soon he marries Nandini and later becomes father of a daughter named Pallavi. Whereas Pallavi is his daughter from his first wife. After several years, Vikramdev (Vinod Khanna) again comes to the picture. He was raised by elephants in the jungle. Later Pallavi (Neetu Singh) who also becomes a beautiful and attractive young woman, goes to the jungle for a camp. There she is attacked by the animals and then Vikramdev comes to resue her. Later she teaches him to read, speak and write and eventually both fall in love and get married. Then he takes back his kingdom after locating his mother.

King of Suryapuri married Meenakshi, a maid instead of princess Nandini. Enraged Nandini took revenge on the couple and thier child Vikaram. With the help of magician Mahaendran she got the king transformed into a beads necklace and Meenakshi into an old hag. Her efforts to kill Vikram in the jungle were thwarted by elephants who brought him up. . Mahendran transofrmed himslef into king of Suryapuri and fulgilled Nandinis desire to tbe the queen. They brought up a lost chold pallavi as thier own. Years passed Vikram and pallavi grew up. They met when Pallavi went to jungle on the hunting expedition and Vikram saved her life. She brought him to the palace and under her guidance he became a civilized man. But the fake King and Queen of Suryapuri insulted Vikram who returned to the jungle. Pallavi followed him. They got married with wild animals to withness their wedding. . Affter the marriage thanks to a clue from the elephant who nursed him Vikaram set out to find out his parents. Meanwhile his mother was wandering from temple to temple to counteract the magic spell and regained the old form for her husband and herslef. Once in a temple, decoits attacked her. But Vikram and Pallavi came to her rescue. Vikram recovered the beads necklace. And Meenakshi discovered Vikrams clothes when Pallavi was caught by the Royal guards and taken back to palace. The mother and son were united. From his mother Vikram learnt the truth about Nandini and Mahendran. He set out with her to rescue Pallavi and to dispel the magic spell which had transformed his father into a beads nacklace. With the help of Pallavi he found out the secret of the maggic spell, But while on the way to get the cure for magic spell, Pallavi was transformed into statue of stone and Vikram lost his youth. Check out this page for more updates on Yuvraaj.

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