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Hindi , Also worked in Telugu, Bengali
Birth date: 
Apr 17, 2014 (age 8)
Zodiac sign: 
Birth place: 
Valsad, Gujarat, India


Bindu is a Actor. Bindu has mostly worked in Hindi and has worked in languages like Hindi, Telugu, Bengali.
Bindu was born on April 17th. She was born to the producer Nanubhai Desai. Her mother was Jyotsna. Due to her father’s death, she was in depression. But while she was of 13 years, she started feeding her family by acting in the films. Her first movie was in 1962’s Anpadh. Here she played the role a well educated girl. But it was after her wedding that she got her first break with the movie Do Raaste. She played the negative role and the wife of Prem Chopra. Her appreciation in the movie Kati Patang received much appreciation as a vamp. Her seductress performances in the movies like: Hawas and Imtihaan and Inttefaq were super hit. She was seen as a sex symbol after her marriage. Her acting skills were also appreciated in the movies like: Arjun Pandit (1976) and Abhimaan. Then she also did Chaitali movie, where her role as a crippled lady was much appreciation. There were many leading roles that came her way, but due to her pregnancy and miscarriage, she was advised rest. But even after this, he continued to do light roles in the movies. Check out this page for more updates on Bindu.


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