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NR  Resurrection Mary (2008)EnglishAug 26, 2008
NR  Hollywood Dreams (2007)EnglishMay 25, 2007
NR  Adam & Steve (2005)EnglishMay 24, 2005
70  Bruce Almighty (2003)EnglishMay 23, 2003 Watch Now
NR  Edtv (1999)EnglishMar 26, 1999 Watch Now
NR  Gunmen (1994)EnglishApr 02, 1994
40  The Player (1992)EnglishApr 10, 1992
NR  JFK (1991)EnglishDec 20, 1991 Watch Now
NR  Bullseye! (1990)EnglishNov 02, 1990
NR  Revenge (1990)EnglishFeb 16, 1990
NR  Due occhi diabolici (1990)EnglishJan 25, 1990
NR  Best of the Best (1989)EnglishNov 10, 1989
NR  Cold Feet (1989)EnglishMay 19, 1989
NR  Anna (1987)EnglishNov 28, 1987
NR  The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)EnglishJan 30, 1981
NR  Private Benjamin (1980)EnglishOct 10, 1980 Watch Now
NR  A Star Is Born (1976)EnglishDec 17, 1976
NR  Breakheart Pass (1975)EnglishDec 25, 1975
NR  Big Bad Mama (1974)EnglishSep 19, 1974
NR  Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)EnglishMay 01, 1974
NR  Blue (1968)EnglishMay 10, 1968
NR  Spiritual Warriors (2007)English2007
NR  Crazy Mama (1975)English1975
NR  Starry Night (1999)English1999
NR  Amnesia (1996)English1996
NR  Neo Ned (2005)English2005
NR  High Stakes (1989)English1989
NR  The Sting (1973)English1973 Watch Now
NR  Coffee Date (2006)English2006
30  Big Stan (2009)English2009
NR  Love Letters (1983)English1983
NR  Mango Kiss (2004)English2004
NR  Neil Young: Human Highway (1982)English1982
NR  Wish You Were Dead (2002)English2002

Casting Director

NR  Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)EnglishMay 01, 1974
NR  Starry Night (1999)English1999

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This page provides latest and updated information about Sally Kirkland. Sally Kirkland is Actor and has worked in English. The celebrity has 0 fans, 0 likes and 0 dislikes. The StarMeter rating of this celebrity is 134. Sally Kirkland has borned on Oct 31, 1941 . Sally Kirkland has approximately worked in 36 movies and 0 TV Shows You can like, dislike this celebrity and also can join fan club. You can information about movies, TV shows, songs of this celebrity.

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