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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Sana Khan is a Actor. Sana Khan has mostly worked in Telugu and has worked in languages like Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam.

Sana Khan (also known as Sana Khaan) is an actress, Indian model and dancer. Khan began his career in Modeling and continues to appear in advertisements and feature films. She appeared in Indian films in the south, television commercials, dance shows in Filme in appearance special and for a reality show. She has starred in 14 Films through 5 languages and is in Appear Over 50 Commercials Sana Khan was born in Mumbai. She grew up in Mumbai. His father is from Kannur, Kerala; And his mother, Saeeda, is from Mumbai. Khan has completed Sohn Secondary School (12th grade) in Mumbai and is not pursuing further studies as she is involved in Modeling at an early age.

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